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Funkipedia, also known as the Friday Night Funkin Wiki (FNF Wiki), is the most comprehensive encyclopedia about Friday Night Funkin', an open-source Newgrounds rhythm game developed by The Funkin' Crew Inc. and originally made for a game jam, Ludum Dare 47. The wiki documents various aspects of the game, including gameplay, songs, characters, artwork, and more. The game also has a large number of mods made for it, although this wiki mainly covers the base game, including its demo and the upcoming full game.

Anyone can sign up and contribute to the wiki by editing pages and uploading files, with the site being powered by MediaWiki. Information about the wiki's licensing is available. The wiki is hosted on, so all users agree to the platform's Terms of Service.

Friday Night Funkin Wiki is not affiliated with The Funkin' Crew Inc. or Friday Night Funkin'. This website is a fan wiki about learning the game, and all the products are registered to their respective owners.