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List of Characters
Boyfriend.gif Hey! It's Boyfriend! Our spunky, spiky-haired hero is on a mission to prove himself worthy to be Girlfriend's partner. How, you may ask? By singing his little heart out!
Gfboombox.gif Girlfriend is the love of Boyfriend's life. Her partner is certainly determined to spend the rest of his life with her. The problem? Her father won't allow it!
Daddy Dearest, the ex-rockstar.gif Daddy Dearest is the rather intimidating, ex-rockstar father of Girlfriend, and he doesn't approve of his daughter's latest partner! Boyfriend will have to give everything he's got to win his approval!
ITSSPOOKYMONTH.gif Skid and Pump are the stars of Sr Pelo's Spooky Month series, and there's never a dull moment when they're around. Despite their childish appearances, they're tough opponents, so don't let your guard down!
Monster BETA.gif Not much is known about Monster, but if one thing's for sure, he has a particular interest in the taste of human flesh... and singing about it? Yikes!
Pico Newgrounds.gif Pico is the hotheaded redhead of Tom Fulp's Newgrounds classic Pico's School. With a canceled sequel and declining popularity, things weren't looking too good for him, but now he's back and he knows how to rap!
The Mom.gif If you thought Girlfriend's father was tricky, then just wait until you meet her mother! Mommy Mearest doesn't mess around when it comes to a sing-off, and Boyfriend will have to stay sharp if he wants to gain her approval as well!
 NOTICE ME.gif Captivating and charming, Senpai just has to be innocent! As a love interest in an old dating sim game, it doesn't take long for him to take an interest in Girlfriend. Is there perhaps more to his character beneath all that programming and code? Only time will tell!
   Senpai Spirit Idle.gif Whoever the person that Spirit once was has certainly met an unfortunate and cruel fate at the hands of Daddy Dearest. However, there are probably other things to worry about: like the fact that he intends to snatch your body for himself if you lose to him in rap battle!
   Cock Joke.gif Tankman, the brainchild of JohnnyUtah's cynical mind and the driver of the ever-iconic Newgrounds tank, was bored enough to agree to a singing match (and in the middle of a war, no less). Doesn't seem like Boyfriend has much of a choice in the matter considering Girlfriend is being held at gunpoint, so they might as well make the most out of it!
Darnell idle.gif Darnell, the titular protagonist of Darnell Plays With Fire, loves fire and explosives more than anything! Now, the trigger-happy pyrotechnician is back as he and Nene try to kill Pico for screwing their job of assassinating Boyfriend. After rap battling, prepare for a fist fight where rhythm is key!
Leak 8 Nene.gif Nene is the promiscuous and suicidal star of Nene Interactive Suicide. Obsessed with sharp weapons, she seeks revenge when Pico's failure to follow orders robs the friends-turned-rivals of the money that was supposed to be theirs. Keep up with the rhythm and watch your health, as Nene always has her knives ready!
Ritz.gif Ritz The Rat is an upcoming character for Friday Night Funkin'.
Hank Teaser transparent.png Hank J. Wimbleton is an upcoming character for Friday Night Funkin'.