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Freeplay is the secondary game mode in Friday Night Funkin'. In this mode, players can select and play any song from all the weeks at will, allowing them to practice, play songs later in a week without playing the earlier ones, or reach higher scores.


Naturally, all tracks are listed in order of appearance in the game from oldest to newest in track order. However, as of the WeekEnd 1 update, all songs can be selected based on the first letter or number of their name by pressing "Q" or "E".

Completing a song in Freeplay takes the player to the results screen.




  • Pico
  • Philly Nice
  • Blammed


Players can choose between Easy, Normal, Hard, ERECT and Nightmare (only if the ERECT difficulty has been selected) difficulty by pressing the left and right arrow keys or the A and D keys.

  • Easy difficulty is the most suitable difficulty level for players that are new to the game or rhythm games in general. The pace of the notes is always kept at a very comfortable speed. The number of notes that players must hit during a track is kept to a bare minimum.
  • Normal difficulty is the standard difficulty level for players. The pace of the notes can vary from a moderate to somewhat fast speed. The number of notes that players must hit during a track is regular, with a decent number of notes overall.
  • Hard difficulty is the highest normal difficulty level for players that want more of a challenge. The pace of the notes is almost always kept at a fast speed. The number of notes that players must hit during a track is heavy as the game sends as many notes as possible, to the point that there is a note for every beat in the song.
  • ERECT difficulty is a difficulty level that was added in the WeekEnd 1 update. This difficulty remixes some of the songs to be faster and have more notes. The nature of these remixes leads to a new and much more challenging chart compared to Hard difficulty, with the player character having way more notes than the opponent.
  • Nightmare difficulty is the hardest difficulty level in the game. Also added in the WeekEnd 1 update, the difficulty features the same remixes as ERECT, albeit with a faster and harder chart.

High Scores

High scores in Freeplay are recorded after a track's full completion. High scores achieved in Freeplay won't alter any of the week scores in Story Mode. However, high scores received from each individual song in Story Mode will appear in Freeplay and overwrite them if they are higher.

After finishing a level, players will be brought back to the menu where they can select another track to play.


  • Before the Week 5 update, Freeplay strangely had some of the songs out of order on the list, such as Dadbattle being before Fresh.
  • Prior to the WeekEnd 1 update, the unique transition Winter Horrorland has at the start of the song was absent if played during Freeplay. However, the cutscenes from each track in Week 6 and Week 7 are still skipped over if played via Freeplay, most likely on purpose.
  • As of the WeekEnd 1 update:
    • The Freeplay menu has received a massive visual overhaul:
      • Boyfriend is now on the left, playing the turntables while he waits for a player to select a song and strikes a pose when the player selects one.
      • Repeating text scroll behind Boyfriend, reading: "HOT BLOODED IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE", "BOYFRIEND", and "PROTECT YO NUTS".
      • A still of Daddy Dearest from Week 1 is displayed on the right.
      • The score, difficulty names, and high score are now stylized instead of being plain text.
      • All the songs now correspond to their respective album releases, with the album art and album name appearing on the right.
      • All the song names are in stylized text boxes instead of being plain text.
      • Brand new character icons are displayed on the upper left hand corner of the track name.
    • A "Random" button has been added, which will choose a random track out of the pool.
    • "ERECT" and "Night(mare)" difficulty can be selected (although as of 0.3.3, not all songs have available ERECT remixes).
    • Pressing "F" allows the player to favorite a song. This will place a red heart next to the track name.
    • Pressing "Q" or "E" allows players to select songs based on how they appear alphabetically or numerically. Players can also select songs they favorited this way by selecting the heart.
    • "CLEARED" and a percentage are now displayed on the upper right-hand corner for any given song. The percentage goes up based on how many notes the player successfully hit during the song, and updates based on the most recent play (assuming the player's accuracy on their most recent play is better than their previous one).
  • There are currently two special animations if the player remains idle on the screen, the first playing after around 2 minutes, and the second 3 minutes after that.
    • In the first animation, Daddy Dearest sneaks up on Boyfriend from behind and vanishes as soon as Boyfriend turns around. Boyfriend then looks behind himself for a while, shrugs, and then resumes his normal idle.
    • In the second animation, a TV and a chair fall from the sky, Boyfriend sits back in the chair, puts his feet on the turntables, and turns on the TV to watch a random cartoon. Boyfriend will remain in this special idle even if the player inputs something, though he will play his "song select" animation normally if the player picks a song. The cartoons Boyfriend watches are cartoons featured on Newgrounds, all of them being played in their entirety (albeit in purely audio form). As of right now, there are 24 different cartoons Boyfriend can watch. Those are:
      • "Pico's Unloaded" by MindChamber
      • "Pico Epilogue" by JohnnyUtah
      • "TANKMEN 2" by JohnnyUtah
      • "TANKKEM .5" by JohnnyUtah
      • "Ng Voicemail #973" by Stamper
      • "Awesome Gaiden" by Egoraptor
      • "Awesome Center Redux" by Egoraptor
      • "PSP Squirrels" by Egoraptor
      • "WTFuture" by Eddsworld
      • "Leo & Satan" by Oney
      • "The Justin Bieber Show" by HappyHarry
      • "HELLBENDERS - Applooza" by Oney and Psychicpebbles
      • "PowerTrip" by Spazkid
      • "Trip to the Mountains" by RomeoJR
      • "Peck!" by Emrox
      • "Yu-Gi-No" by Speedo
      • "Peck Goes to School" by Emrox
      • "To Goof A Predator" by Speedo
      • "Gay Cats" by PhantomArcade
      • "It's spooky month" by SrPelo
      • "Disorderly Conduct" by PhantomArcade
      • "COMEDY" by SrPelo
      • "Hartrup and Oatly - Secret Friend" by Bassetfilms
      • "American Penis" by PhantomArcade
    • The names for the audio files containing the cartoons all correspond with their appropriate page number.