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Here is a list of the rules for the Friday Night Funkin' Wiki. It is important that all users read and understand them to avoid getting into trouble. The rules of the wiki are often updated, so it is a good idea to come back every once in a while to see if anything has been updated or added. If a rule seems unclear, please ask a current member of the wiki staff for clarification.

On top of the rules listed below, everyone is also expected to adhere to's own global list of rules known as the Terms of Service (ToS). Violating these terms will result in an immediate block.

Block time varies and will depend on the rule that was broken and which administrator is overviewing the case at the time. Blocks could be partial, preventing certain actions and blocking specific pages from being edited. All blocked users will have their IP address blocked.

The wiki staff is allowed to block users if they have been blocked on the old wiki or the Funkipedia Mods Wiki.


These are the rules related to wiki content.
For specific guidelines and advice for editing on the wiki, check the style manual.

# Title Description Actions
1. Vandalism Vandalism or any sort of disruptive editing is strictly prohibited. The deliberate act of removing or destroying content on the wiki, as well as purposefully spreading false or nonsensical information, will not be tolerated. This applies to file pages as well.

Acts of vandalism are always done maliciously; making an unhelpful edit by mistake or a lack of understanding on editing cannot be considered vandalism.

Edits will be reverted. Small acts of vandalism could result in a lengthy block. Vandalism will normally result in an indefinite block.
2. Wiki Content The wiki is primarily meant for the documentation of in-game content only. Mods, fan-made content and other creations not made by the actual creators of the game or relevant creators are not allowed to be added. This applies to both articles and images. Content will be removed. First offense will result in a warning. Further offenses or multiple offenses done in a short period of time will be counted as vandalism, resulting in either a lengthy or indefinite block.
3. Uncertain Information Double-check before adding any information "confirmed" by ninjamuffin99 or the rest of the dev team. Generally, their words are to be considered canon to the game, but not all details can be added for one reason or another. As a result, such information is subject to omission from the wiki at any time even if a source was referenced.

Refrain from adding any personal interpretations of the game's canon.

Edits will be reverted. A warning will be given if removed information gets readded. Further offenses will result in a block.
4. Leaked Information The wiki does not condone the act of leaking information of Friday Night Funkin' assets ahead of its intended release. Due to the likeliness of leaked information either being falsified or fabricated, creating pages based on such content is prohibited. Even if the contents and information regarding a leak is confirmed by the devs, uploading the content on the wiki is heavily discouraged. Edits regarding false or faked leaked content will be reverted. Protection may be imposed on certain relevant pages and articles with titles relevant to leaked content. User might be warned. Further offenses will result in a block.
5. Spamming Edits Do not spam. This behavior is disruptive and clutters an article's history. This can range from writing the same thing over and over across an article to adding a bunch of unnecessary links to making several edits that consist of adding something then quickly undoing it. Creating pages over and over is also considered spam. Spamming in an article is generally seen as vandalism. Edits will be reverted. Offending users may receive a lengthy or indefinite block depending on the severity of their actions.
6. Page Creation Do not create pages with titles that are irrelevant to the game or those that are similar to already-existing pages. Pages for upcoming content should only be created if there is a decent amount of information revealed about the subject. Unneeded page will be deleted. User will be warned. Further offenses or serious cases of page creation misuse will result in a lengthy or indefinite block.
7. Moving Pages Do not move existing pages to change their titles without a good reason. If a problem with an article title is perceived, please discuss the matter with an administrator. Pages moved without good reason will be reverted. User will be warned. Further offenses will result in a block.
8. Plagiarism Do not plagiarize. If information was found from a trustworthy source, do not copy it word for word. Please paraphrase/rewrite the information in your own words. Plagiarized content will either be removed or reworded. Offending users will be warned. Further offenses will result in a block.
9. Edit Wars An edit war occurs when 2 or more editors disagree on information or how it's presented and will try to undo or write over each other on what they think is correct. Due to the disruptive and argumentative nature of this situation, administrators will step in to prevent and resolve any further issues. The page where this occurs will be fixed and possibly temporarily protected. Offending users might be warned. Further offenses will result in a block.
10. User Files User files (defined as files meant exclusively for usage on your user page or talk page) and other files that will not or cannot be used on any page are generally not allowed. Existing files of this nature may remain on the wiki, but wiki staff can delete such files if they feel they are inappropriate, and any new files without a clear purpose are subject to deletion. If an exception is needed, contact an administrator. If a user feels that discussion is necessary before adding a file to a page, it may first be added to a talk page so a decision can be made. Certain unused FNF-related files that are currently useful or interesting and could potentially be used on a page in the future may be allowed to stay up. Unnecessary files will be deleted. Multiple or continuous uploads of this nature may result in a warning. Further uploads of this nature will result in a block.

These are the rules for how users should generally behave on the wiki.

# Title Description Actions
1. User Pages and Usernames User pages and usernames that are deemed inappropriate or in bad taste by the wiki staff will not be tolerated. Having an inappropriate or bad-taste username or saving inappropriate or bad-taste changes to one's user page will result in an indefinite block.
2. Revealing Personal Information For your safety, do not share any personal information with anyone on the wiki. This includes sensitive details such as addresses, personal emails, identification, etc. Sharing photos of yourself and others should also be avoided in general.

Users leaking someone else's personal information is not allowed (even with their consent).

Comments containing such information will be removed. Users maliciously revealing other user's sensitive information will receive an indefinite block.
3. Trolling Refrain from trolling on the wiki. Inflammatory and insulting comments/posts made to get a rise out of users isn't funny at all. Spreading misinformation or spreading negative rumors of users, deliberately or as a joke, is also not allowed.

Users on the receiving end of a troll are asked to not feed them any attention. If you know or suspect that someone is trolling you, ignore them and promptly report them to an administrator.

Users engaging in such behavior will receive a lengthy or indefinite block depending on the severity of their actions or their attitude.
4. Witch-Hunting Do not incite witch-hunts. The wiki staff condemns this behavior and will not tolerate anyone trying to spread or exacerbate hate regardless of the target. Users engaging in such behavior will have their comments removed and will be warned or blocked.
5. Raids Do not message and encourage users to help organize or encourage raids on other communities. This gives our community a bad reputation and create a plethora of unnecessary issues. Users engaging in such behavior will have their comments removed and will be warned or indefinitely blocked.
6. Begging for Rights Do not beg for user rights. Not only is it rude, but it also makes the existing wiki staff less trusting of your abilities, especially if you have done very little to prove yourself as a respectable editor/contributor of the wiki. We are willing to offer these rights to users with a good history on the wiki, but the staff will approach potential candidates, not the other way around. Users engaging in such behavior will eventually receive a warning. Persistent users will receive a block.
7. Reporting If a user encounters anything that could potentially be breaking the rules, report the offending content or user to an administrator via their talk page. If there is ever an issue within the wiki, it is best to contact an administrator first rather than try to sort the situation out yourself. The wiki staff will try to resolve disputes to the best of their ability.
8. Backseat Moderating Also known as mini-modding, regular users cannot enforce the wiki's rules. Reminding others that their actions could be considered rule-breaking is totally fine, but warning them or bossing them around is not. Don't act as though you have any say in the affairs of the staff and how things will be handled, because you don't. We understand the intentions, but it can get annoying for other users. Users engaging in such behavior will be warned. Further offenses will result in a lengthy block.
9. Advertising and Promotion Users are not allowed to use the wiki as a platform for advertising or promotion of any sort. Content that is suspected of advertising paid services/products or garnering followers will be removed. Sharing creative content is always welcome, especially if it is related to Friday Night Funkin', but do not post for the intent of advertising. Even something like sharing a link to a Discord server can fall under this rule. Users engaging in such behavior will have their content removed and will be warned. Further offenses will result in a lengthy block.
10. Alternate Accounts Creating and using alternate accounts are not punishable by themselves. However, if an alternate account is made, it is asked that the user makes it clear who the account belongs to. The use of an alt to bypass a block on another account, impersonation or any other rule-breaking actions are not allowed. We do not tolerate the abuse of multiple accounts, otherwise known as sockpuppetry. Most of Wikipedia's rules on sockpuppetry that can easily be applied here will be applied, so be careful if you have any kind of connection to a blocked user. This also means that suspected sockpuppetry is grounds for a block. Alternate accounts made to bypass a block will receive an indefinite block.
11. Impersonation Do not impersonate anyone on the wiki. Pretending to be another user or a wiki staff member is taken very seriously, regardless of the intent. Users engaging in such behavior will receive an indefinite block.
12. Shifting Blame Do not blame someone else as an excuse for any rule-breaking done on your account. The staff has absolutely no way of verifying that sort of claim so we must assume you did it. It is the individual user's responsibility to protect their account from being used by someone else. If behavior or actions are not severe, user will be warned. The length of a block depends on past contributions/wiki activity of the offending account.
13. Gaming the System Don't try to work around any of the rules by manipulating definitions in an attempt to avoid punishment. Using our rules in bad faith will not be tolerated at all. If a user is caught engaging in bad behavior, they will face consequences, regardless of whatever elaborate excuses they come up with. Comments made to avoid consequences will go unnoticed.
14. Ignorance of the Rules We cannot assume bad faith just because you haven't read and memorized every single goddamn rule on this page. However, using that as an excuse for rule-breaking behavior will not be accepted, and pretending like there are no rules here whatsoever will not be tolerated. Just read the rules.

These are the rules related to discussion; they are particularly relevant to article comments, talk page comments and messages, and edit summaries, but they should be followed in all areas.
Irrelevant comments will be removed at the wiki staff's discretion.

# Title Description Actions
1. Hate Speech and Harassment The wiki staff will not tolerate queer-antagonism, racism, sexism, ableism or any other kind of deplorable language towards others for any reason at all. We will not allow death threats, rape threats, doxing or any sort of intimidation against our users either. Even as a "joke," this sort of behavior is completely unacceptable. We expect basic decency and respect from all our users.

If users believe that they are being bothered, attacked or harassed by another user/users, report it to an administrator.

Offending users will receive a warning or a lengthy block. Users may receive an indefinite block depending on the severity of their actions or repeat offenses.
2. Discussion Subjects Do not bring up controversial/touchy subjects, including real-world tragedies, cancel culture and drama. Another specific type of subject we wish to avoid is personal issues. We care about the well-being of our users, but the wiki is simply not the place for venting out. Users engaging in these discussions will have their comments removed and might be warned. Further offenses will result in a block.
3. NSFW NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is unacceptable. Refrain from commenting and posting sexual/explicit/grotesque comments or content in the wiki. This also includes inappropriate images, videos and sound files to the wiki's galleries. Links to any inappropriate or harmful websites are also not allowed. Users engaging in such behavior will receive a lengthy block. Severe cases will result in an indefinite block.
4. Languages This is a primarily English-speaking wiki. It is generally preferred that our users communicate in English so everyone can understand the conversation and not have to constantly refer to a translator to read it. We do not accept anyone trying to break or bypass our rules by communicating in a different language. Users commenting in another language may have their comments removed depending on their content. Users doing so in bad faith will have their comments removed and will be either warned or blocked depending on the severity of their actions.
5. Role-playing Role-play is not allowed. The wiki is simply not the place for this, and we encourage users to go look elsewhere.

This does not mean that users are not allowed to have fictional characters in their usernames; we only ask that you not act like or pretend to be them.

Users engaging in these discussions will have their comments removed and will be warned. Further offenses will result in a block.
6. Shipping Discussions related to non-canonical "shipping" or "ships" (character pairings) on the wiki are not allowed. We do not care if it relates to the game, its mods or otherwise. Such topics have been the cause of harassment and worthless arguments, so it's heavily discouraged from being discussed. Discussions related to self-shipping are allowed. Users engaging in these discussions will have their comments removed and will be warned. Further offenses will result in a block.
7. Spamming Comments Do not spam. This behavior is annoying and can clutter a discussion. This can range from copypastas to needlessly long breaks to writing in a very distracting font. Making the same or very similar comments multiple times is also considered spam. Encouraging users to spam is also forbidden. Users engaging in such behavior will have their comments removed and will be warned. Further offenses will result in a lengthy block. Users may receive an indefinite block depending on the severity of their actions.
8. Swearing Swearing is generally ok on the wiki. However, excessive swearing is not allowed. Swearing towards other users in a hurtful manner is unacceptable. Comments containing excessive swearing will be removed. Comments made hurtfully cursing other users will be removed, and the user who wrote them will be warned. Further offenses will result in a block.
9. Sensory Abuse Never upload images or links to videos with content that can harm a user's senses. Common examples of these are videos with very loud/distorted noises and GIFs containing violently flashing lights. Comments will be removed, and the user who posted them will be blocked. Users may receive an indefinite block depending on the severity of their actions.
10. Typing Quirks Translations should be provided for typing quirks; if you are alt-verbal and unable to translate yourself, another user may add a translation. Comments that are difficult to read and cannot be read by screen readers may be edited to provide a translation.
11. Use of Slurs/Problematic Phrases The use of derogatory slurs is completely unacceptable. Slurs are almost always offensive and go beyond regular swearing, which we cannot allow. Users engaging in such behavior will have their comments removed and will be either warned or blocked. Users may receive an indefinite block depending on the severity of their actions.

Below separately is a list of problematic terms that will result in actions being taken upon discovery of their use. Some terms will only have actions taken when used in specific contexts.
List of problematic words and phrases
(Expand this list at your discretion)
Words/Phrases Why it is problematic? Actions
Loli/Shota Used to describe underaged anime characters (or those that appear prepubescent) and is used in a fetishizing context. Conversations about either or calling another one of these terms will result in an immediate and indefinite block.
Good Girl/Boy Sometimes used in an inappropriate way to describe a sexual partner. Usage will result in a temporary block if the context was not about pets.
Kitten/Pet Same as Good Girl/Boy. Same as Good Girl/Boy.
Trap Used as a trans-antagonistic term to trans men. Offenders will receive a warning if it was used in bad faith, and an indefinite block if it continues.
Fakeboy Another trans-antagonistic term to describe trans men. Offenders will receive a temporary block if said by itself, and an indefinite block if used to harass somebody.
Dom Used in a sexual way to describe the dominant one in gay sexual activity. Any use of the word in the context just listed will result in an indefinite block.
Sub Same as Dom, but about the submissive partner. Same as Dom.
Noose Can be heavily offensive and triggering to people who have or have dealt with self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Usage in bad faith will result in a warning, and a permanent block if repeated afterwards.
Cuts Same as Noose. Same as Noose.
Kill Yourself/KYS Direct encouragement of suicide. Usage in bad faith will result in a temporary block, and an indefinite block if used maliciously.

These are the steps taken for when a user chooses to make an appeal for a block.

# Title Description Actions
1. Appeal Eligibility Not all blocked users can make an appeal request; depending on a user's actions that led to their block, we may outright deny a chance for appeal. Underage users cannot appeal their blocks because their accounts were created under false pretenses. None.
2. Contact for Appeal It is possible to make an appeal request after being blocked by contacting an administrator through their talk page on Support Wiki. Please only make an appeal if you have received a relatively long block where you believe a mistake was made by the administrator who blocked you or you have realized you have made a mistake that can be corrected with relative ease and you believe you can provide a reasonable explanation and/or apology (depending on the nature of the situation). None.
3. Appeal Process Leave a message stating that you wish to appeal your block. Users can choose to explain themselves or ask to have a conversation once the administrator is actively online. The administrator will decide if they want to hear a user's appeal request.
4. Appearance The blocked user must appeal themselves. What this means is that they cannot have someone else appeal on their behalf. Additionally, users must use the same profile that got blocked on the wiki, and not through an alternate account. Failure to comply will not automatically ruin a user's chance for appeal, but the motion for appeal will halt until the user complies. Appeal request will not go through unless conditions are met.
5. Conduct Users are expected to be civil and compliant during an appeal. Do not argue or challenge the administrators over your punishment. Acting immaturely, irrationally or trying to escalate the situation will almost guarantee your appeal being dismissed. It's also possible for a block to be extended or even made indefinite if it is deemed necessary.

If a conversation takes too long to complete (spanning across multiple days due to the blocked user being unable to remain in a conversation for long enough), the appeal can be dismissed.

Appeal request will be heard and a decision will be made depending on the discussion.
6. Final Decision The administrator will decide whether to lift the user's block, shorten the block time or dismiss the appeal. The decision will be final. A decision is made for the appeal.
7. Future Appeals All users are only given a single chance for appeal. If a user has successfully appealed a block, they will be unable to appeal another one in the future. Exceptions can happen but this will be only given under rare and less-than-normal circumstances.

If a user fails to appeal a block the first time, they could still be able to make another appeal for a different block in the future, though this will depend on a variety of factors, mainly the block reason and the user's behavior during the failed appeal discussion.

8. Accidental


It's possible that an administrator may deliver an unjust or unfair block by accident and due to a lack of due diligence. In case the block has not already been undone, contact an administrator to carefully review the block. This will not count as using your single chance for appeal. If a mistake is found, the block will be lifted.

These are the rules and other important notes specifically for the members of the wiki staff. Regular users are not required to read this section.
This section does not list any actions taken. Instead, when a staff member acts out of line, the rest of the members will internally discuss the matter to take appropriate action and come to a resolution when needed.

# Title Description
0. "Rule Zero" In general, wiki staff members have the final say in all matters. The rules are non-exhaustive, meaning the wiki staff can combat disruptive behavior using common sense.
1. Assume Good Faith Do not assume all users are here to cause trouble while editing. Understand that some users are just new or don't know any better. A poorly-made edit could have been an honest mistake. Judge the edit for its intent before ruling it off as a regular case of vandalism.
2. Rules for Thee The wiki staff is not above the rules, despite the additional privileges they have for operating and moderating the site. Just like regular users, they are expected to follow and understand the rules.
3. Set an Example Wiki staff are expected to enforce the rules of the wiki. Beyond knowing what the rules are, you are also expected to lead by example by showing others how a user should and shouldn't act. If a user doesn't understand a rule, be patient and explain it to them straightforwardly.
4. Abuse of Power Becoming a part of the wiki staff does not give you an excuse to exercise any control over regular users and misusing your rights. Do not use your position as wiki staff to get your way or indefinitely block users just because you don't like them or protect pages so that only you can edit them.
5. Impartiality All users are to be treated fairly when being blocked. Wiki staff is expected to judge one's actions before anything else. Holding a grudge against a user is not grounds for a block when they haven't done anything that goes against the rules.
6. Block Reason Do not ever leave the block reason blank. Wiki staff members are always expected to write even the most basic of block reasons during the blocking process. This helps everyone (the rest of the staff members, other users and the blocked user themselves) understand why a block occurred. A block can generally be lifted if the reason has been left blank and no further elaboration for the action taken is given.
7. Favoritism Do not give users any sort of preferential treatment. Never turn your head away from somebody's bad behavior or excuse their rule-breaking actions just because you know them in real life or have bonded with them on the wiki. All users have to be treated with the same level of fairness.
8. Inactivity If a wiki staff user is shown to have been inactive for some time, they will be labeled inactive on the wiki staff page. Extended lengths of inactivity will result in their rights being removed and will be assumed to have moved on to better things. If a staff member that was removed were to return and ask to be reinstated in their original role(s), their time away from the wiki and previous contributions will be taken into account to determine what actions to take.
9. Resignation If you are no longer able to carry out your role as a wiki staff member for any reason, you are free to resign from your position and responsibilities. Remember that you can remove your own rights and have the freedom to keep your reasons private.

This wiki and the forums are mainly intended for users aged 13 and above. In addition to's Terms of Service, Friday Night Funkin' is a T-rated game and this wiki adheres to that rating as well. The contents of the wiki aim to be informative to everyone that enjoys the game, but some of its content may not be entirely appropriate for younger users. Although the wiki staff cannot and will not stop you from entering the wiki and reading or editing its articles, you will be blocked if you are discovered to be or are suspected of being under 13 years of age. This also means that if you jokingly state your age to be less than 13, the wiki can hold this against you as the block reason.

Users blocked due to being underaged is done as a preventative measure to protect vulnerable, young users. A blocked user will only be able to browse the wiki, but not be able to interact with other users, potentially those with malicious intent. In order to comply with the ToS, these blocks are permanent.

Certain articles and files on the wiki are protected, meaning they can only be readily edited by users with certain rights, namely wiki staff members. Protection can be enabled or disabled for any period of time at the wiki staff's discretion. Pages are likely to be protected when they become a target of excessive vandalism or to prevent unnecessary edits.

Anonymous editing is disabled to help prevent spam, meaning users must be logged in to be able to edit.

Although normal users cannot edit a protected article, it is highly suggested that users offer edit suggestions to administrators. Explain the proposed changes to them, and if it is deemed sufficient enough, they will make the edit on the article on your behalf.

In the case that a user is caught doing something that could be deemed rule-breaking, but no relevant or appropriate rule exists for the situation, then congratulations! You just discovered a loophole, gave us a new rule to add and you'll still be the first to be blocked for it! Wear that shiny new Blammed tag on your profile with pride!

We will still take action against users that commit any sort of malicious wrongdoing on the wiki.

Just because the rules did not state it does not mean you will be exempt from it.

We thank all the users that have read and understood the rules! Stay safe, have fun and keep on funkin'!
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