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See Assets for the assets that are used in-game.

This is a list of old/unused assets for Friday Night Funkin'. These include unused art, tracks and sounds.

Ludum Dare Prototype Assets

Image Comment
Logo.png The old Friday Night Funkin' logo by evilsk8r for the Ludum Dare prototype. It was later replaced with a newer version designed and drawn by JohnnyUtah.
Lose.png The "Lose..." message seen after getting a Game Over from the Ludum Dare prototype.
Lose.gif The "Lose..." message from the Ludum Dare prototype (animated).
Restart.png The "Restart?" message seen after getting a Game Over from the Ludum Dare prototype.
WIN.gif An unused "WIN!" animation. It may have been intended for after a song was completed in the Ludum Dare prototype.
Unused go.gif An unused "GO!" animation. This is seen in an old pre-ld47 commit by ninjamuffin99[1] and was going to be used in the Ludum Dare prototype. However, due to unknown reasons (though likely due to the sprite not being compiled in a sprite sheet), it was removed in the commit after its introduction.
Pause.png An unused "Pause" message. It should be noted that the prototype never had a proper pause menu.
OldHealthHeads.png The old health icons that were used in the Ludum Dare prototype and the current build of the game until the Week 4 update. It consisted of Daddy Dearest's icon and Boyfriend's old icons together instead of separate.
OG GF assets.png Girlfriend's original assets for the Ludum Dare prototype. This includes her cheering sprites, which went unused in the prototype as well. The dark blue-magenta blocks she sits on were meant to be a podium, presenting her as a prize.[2]
Old bf.png The old sprite sheet for Boyfriend, used in the Ludum Dare prototype. Compared to the current sprite sheet, it was far less organized.

Unused Image Assets

Image Comment
Stage light.png Overhead stage light. It was likely meant for the Tutorial and Week 1 background but goes unused.
More icons.png Unused/early icons for Boyfriend and Daddy Dearest. Daddy Dearest has an actual danger icon here, rather than having a duplicate of his normal icon. Boyfriend has two extra icons. The angry unused/early Boyfriend icon is likely based on Newgrounds' "Agnry Faic" emoticon.
Icons.png Default placeholder health icons, coded to appear for characters who do not have an icon set. The name for this "character" is "face". These icons are thought to be intended for the mod system, as they used to be linked to the now-removed "modCharacters" folder as well as the removed Boyfriend duplicate named "template."
IconGrid.png A grid with all of the character icons used before the Week 7 update. This was since deprecated in favor of the character's icons being kept separate.
FNF LOGO OG.jpg The initial draft of the Friday Night Funkin' logo, made by JohnnyUtah. According to him, he originally thought that the diamond-shaped dot in the letter "i" was a disco ball.[3]
Roughdraftoffnflogo.png The initial draft of the Friday Night Funkin' logo (transparent).
OLdLOgoHQ.png An unused recolor of the redesigned logo, with a color scheme based on the original Ludum Dare prototype logo.
Backspace.png Backspace graphics, presumably intended for use in the menus.
Speech bubble talking.png Several speech bubbles. May have been intended for cutscene dialogue before a song started.
Unused campaign menu lock.png A lock found in the assets for the Story Mode menu. It was used in early versions of the game right before the update that added Week 4. Before, the previous week needed to be completed in Story Mode for the next one to be unlocked. Since that update, all of the weeks are available right from the start, rendering the lock unnecessary.
Unused Effects.PNG Some unused particles. They are intended for the upcoming "battle mode" for when a character is attacked.[4][5]
Lol.png A screenshot of ninjamuffin99's Twitch chat put into the game's files as a joke. (He still delivered in a way.)
Zzzzzzzz.png A screenshot originally from a now-unavailable YouTube video[6] put in the game files as a joke. The original video states in the title that the fan-made character is named "Joshua." The image in the files is labeled "zzzzzzzz.png," as if to say that the fan-made character is boring as it's just a monochromatic recoloring of Boyfriend in his V-sign pose.
Opensauceforever.png Screenshot of a conversation on 4chan concerning ninjamuffin99's desire to keep the game open-source.
Week54prototype.png A gray featureless 3D model of Boyfriend called "week54prototype" left over in the game's source code. This image serves as a reference on how to model Boyfriend in a 3D space, in order to create figurines for Boyfriend.[7] The name could be an in-joke between the developers, joking about the idea of the far-off Week 54 existing.
Main menu.png Main Menu assets used in the Week 7 update.
Campaign menu UI characters.png Story Mode character prop assets used prior to the WeekEnd 1 update.
Campaign menu UI assets.png Story Mode UI assets used prior to the WeekEnd 1 update.
LetterStuff.png Unused Freeplay letter assets. Most likely an alternate version of the letters used in the menu's sorting bar.
Lamppost Week 4.png Unused lamppost textures made for killing the Henchmen in Week 4.
Foreground carUnblur.png An unblurred version of the car driving straight in Week 4.
Warping.gif A warping animation that appears in bf_holding_gf_edits.fla, consisting of medium-light cyan circles moving in a way that creates a spiral effect. This appears to be a variant of the warping sprite seen in an image of Girlfriend and Boyfriend going through a warp for the unfinished beginning cutscene for Week 6; in that image, the circles are white and blurred.
Week 6's Fancy School background.png The original background design for Week 6.
DialogueBox-pixel.png Dialogue box assets used in Senpai prior to the WeekEnd 1 update.
DialogueBox-evil.png Dialogue box assets used in Thorns prior to the WeekEnd 1 update.
Prompt-ng login.png A very simple and likely early concept for the Newgrounds login prompt. This was found in the files for the Week 7 update.
Login-logout-debug-text.gif Two unused main menu options, "Login" and "Logout", with all-caps text in front of them that says "Debug Text", found in the main menu Flash file.[8]
Uh oh censor.gif "Uh-oh!" animation titled "mouth censor", found in Tankman's lip-sync Flash file. Based on its name, it's easy to assume that it was going to be used for censoring Tankman's swearing in Stress when the naughtyness setting is turned off before ninjamuffin99 decided to have altered voice lines.
Dog.png An image of the original game over screen in Gitaroo Man, featuring a dog character from the game, found in the Flash files for the Gitaroo Man Easter egg. Presumably used as a reference for the Easter egg.
Bitmap 5.png An image of Boyfriend's V-sign pose with a slightly different color scheme, found in the Flash files for the Gitaroo Man Easter egg, specifically funkinpause.fla. Presumably used as a reference for the Boyfriend head seen in the Easter egg.
NoteComboScrappedSpritesheet.png Scrapped note combo assets.
NoteComboNumbersScrappedSpritesheet.png Ditto, but the combo numbers for it.
Weekend1StoryMenuOld.png Unused version of the WeekEnd 1 Story Mode text.
Puddle.png Unused puddle asset for WeekEnd 1.
Leaked background for Darnell level.png Unused (leaked) background for WeekEnd 1.[9]
OldWeekend1BGNoSky.png Ditto, but without the sky.
PhillyForegroundOld.png Unused foreground for WeekEnd 1.
PhillyHighwayOld.png Unused highway for WeekEnd 1.
PhillyCarsStoplightBackOld.png Unused car and stoplight for WeekEnd 1. Note the car and the stoplight both not being animated.

Unused Sketches

Image Comment
Stage Bg.png Basic line sketch of the stage background used as a placeholder during the creation of the Ludum Dare prototype.[10]
Static-assets-upload16335807252698620327.png A sketch of Boyfriend's health icon.
Funkinpauseyellow.png A peach-colored Boyfriend head found in the "funkinpauseyellow" Flash file. Seems to be an early sketch of Boyfriend in the Gitaroo Man Easter egg.
Spookeeeee.PNG A colored sketch from Skid and Pump's Flash file.
Anim.gif A sketch of Skid and Pump's idle animation found in their Flash files. Boyfriend's head randomly appears for two frames, likely as a reference image.
Monster ref.png A rough Monster sketch found in his Flash file. The most notable difference is that he does not have a pink neck. It was also made in Procreate.
Gunfoward.png A rough sketch of Pico's gun facing forward, found in his Flash file.
Character sketches.png Some character sketches found in the source files for Lucky Boy along with Skid and Pump. In the upper left corner are several reference photos of Pico drawn by MindChamber, an artist for the Pico series. One of the characters in the sketch is Buggy the Bug, a character created by evilsk8r.
Momsketch.png A sketch for Mommy Mearest's right singing animation.

Unused Character Assets

Image Comment
BOYFRIEND old.png An early draft of Boyfriend's sprite, seen in the first 3 commits of the source code.[11]
V-signposeweek4.gif Boyfriend doing his V-sign pose in Week 4.
BoyfriendChristmasVSign.gif Boyfriend in his outfit from Week 5 doing his V-sign pose. As there was no need for the sprite, it goes unused. However, it can be seen in Tutorial or Bopeebo by swapping Boyfriend with his Christmas variant through the chart editor. Note that this only works in versions prior to 0.3.3.
FNF Bf pixel hey animated.gif Boyfriend in his appearance from Week 6 doing his V-sign pose. It went unused due to none of the songs in Week 6 needing it and it being incomplete as JohnnyUtah did not animate it. (This does not appear in the game's files, but rather the assets file released by moawling through Gumroad.[12]) It is also possible that this V-pose could have been used during Roses, where certain beats have the "Hey!!" from Bopeebo but bit-crushed.
Unused1.png Boyfriend's unused sprites for attacking, getting hit by an attack and dodging an attack. These sprites exist due to mechanics related to the upcoming "battle mode."
Battlemode.gif Boyfriend's unused battle mode sprites (animated).
GF Duck.gif Unused ducking animation for Girlfriend found in her Flash file. Possibly intended for use in Week 4 for an unimplemented mechanic where there would be a random light post that needs to be ducked under.
Girlfriendcheeringchristmas.gif Girlfriend on the speakers, cheering in her Christmas outfit.
File:GfChristmas (2).png The rest of Girlfriend's unused Christmas sprites, including her hair blowing, singing and scared animations.
Girlfriend-inards.gif An animation of Girlfriend's innards left in bf_holding_gf_edits.fla based on her Game Over animation. Like the warping animation, this may have been intended for the unfinished beginning cutscene for Week 6, possibly representing Girlfriend's body being converted to a digital form.
DADDY DEAREST beta.png Daddy Dearest's earliest draft, seen in the first 3 commits of the source code.[11]
Dadkick.png Daddy Dearest's kick animation, likely intended for the upcoming "battle mode."
DADDY DEAREST.png Daddy Dearest's assets prior to the WeekEnd 1 update. Note the single frame of his left pose.
Spooky kids assets.png Skid and Pump's assets prior to the WeekEnd 1 update.
Concept Monster An older concept of Monster.
Monster Assets.png Monster's original assets for his eponymous song, used before his proper implementation in the Week 7 update. Note how his face was the same across all poses, and his neck clipped through his head.
Pico in-game assets.png Pico's assets prior to the WeekEnd 1 update.
PicoHeyPose.gif Pico's unused "Hey!" animation, which has him giving the middle finger. It can be seen in Tutorial or Bopeebo by swapping Boyfriend with Pico's playable variant through the chart editor. Note that this only works in versions prior to 0.3.3.
Pico-hey.png The sprite sheet for Pico's unused "Hey!" animation.
FightPico.png Concept Pico poses for Blazin'.
Mom Assets.png Mommy Mearest's old sprite sheet without her hair blowing to the wind, used before the Week 5 update. She lacks her face in one sprite for the down pose.
Stalker.PNG Stalker concept, found in Mommy Mearest's Flash files.
Stan.PNG Stan from Nightmare Cops, found in Mommy Mearest's Flash files. He is holding a microphone, likely as a joke to make him appear as an opponent.
Stalker1.PNG A cat stalker, found in Mommy Mearest's Flash files.
Stalker2.PNG Another stalker, found in Mommy Mearest's Flash files.
Stalker3.PNG Yet another cat stalker, found in Mommy Mearest's Flash files.
Funy.PNG Another stalker similar to a previous one, but with a blood-splattered tiger costume and a bloody kitchen knife, found in Mommy Mearest's Flash files.
Dumb.png A single frame of the Henchmen. Note the lack of shading on him. The image file is humorously labeled "dumb.png."
Dumb 2.0.png Henchmen's sprite sheet. This version lacks any shading.
Dumbdeaths forwiki.png Henchmen death assets. The top half of the sprites do not have any shader, while the bottom half does. It was confirmed that these unused animations would be added in a future update.[13]
Henchmen Old Version.png The old version of the Henchmen.
OldTankmanSpriteSheet.png Tankman's old sprite sheet with his currently unused miss sprites.
Tankman's currently unused miss animations. These sprites aren't in the current build of the game and have been only found in Tankman's Flash file. They will be implemented in the future.
Pico Kicking GF.gif Two unused frames of Pico kicking Girlfriend off the speakers in the cutscene for Stress included in the cutscene's Flash file.
Girlfriend face plant.gif Girlfriend face-planting onto the sand after being kicked off her speakers, apparently intended for an alternate Stress cutscene.
Tankmanspookydance.gif Tankman doing the Spooky Dance, included in the official asset dump for Week 7.[14]
Tankmen Goon Shot CENSORED.gif Unused censored animation of a Tankmen soldier getting shot in the chest during Stress, found in one of the Flash files for Week 7. This animation will be used to censor the blood when the naughtyness setting is turned off.
Tankmen Goon Shot Alt CENSORED.gif Unused censored animation of a Tankmen soldier getting shot in the head during Stress, found in one of the Flash files for Week 7. This animation will be used to censor the blood when the naughtyness setting is turned off.
FightDarnell.png Concept Darnell poses for Blazin'.
NeneComboCheer.gif Unused Nene cheer animation. This animation will be used when the player completes a long combo.
NeneComboFawn.gif Unused Nene fawn animation.
Lucky guitar assets.png Lucky Boy's sprite sheet.
Luckyboy2.gif Lucky Boy's animation.
Lucky left up right.gif Lucky Boy's left, up and right animation.
Lucky down.gif Lucky Boy's down animation.
Tumble.gif Lucky Boy tumbling down.

Unused Songs


This track was apparently charted into the game by ninjamuffin99 as a joke. Though the level did not originally have music, it was discovered that the chart lined up with a song taken from the game R4: Ridge Racer Type 4. The track was "Urban Fragments" by Kohta Takahashi and performed by Kimara Lovelace, which served as the game's opening theme.[15] The track can be accessed via some file editing in versions prior to the WeekEnd 1 update. Players must first download the song; the file is available online.[16] After downloading it, go into the game's music files and find the file belonging to Tutorial labeled "Tutorial_Inst.ogg." Modify the name of this file before dragging and dropping the downloaded file into the same folder. The downloaded file will be named with the old file name, so it is important that the original file is renamed. Go into the game and load into any song in any difficulty. Once in, open the chart editor, click the song tab and change the song name to "Ridge" before pressing Reload JSON. (Use the Shift key to capitalize the first letter.) Once the chart editor reloads, change the song name to "Tutorial" and press Reload Audio. Press the Enter key on the keyboard, and the song should start playing.


This song is very short and broken, and no actual audio plays during it. The track was apparently supposed to be the song "Break the Targets" from Super Smash Bros. Melee.[17] This chart was found hidden in the game files prior to the WeekEnd 1 update, similarly to Ridge. According to ninjamuffin99, it was the first chart he ever did for the game.


See Test for more information on this track.

This song goes unused, and judging by the name, it was likely used for testing purposes. The track was added to the game files in the Week 5 update. This track's instrumental was created by Kawai Sprite and then given vocals by MtH in the Week 7 update;[18] up until the release of Week 7, the song had an empty vocal file. It also lacked a chart. Since then, the song has been given a proper chart and its vocals have been implemented, but it still remains inaccessible by regular means.

Bopeebo Old/Beta Version

The differences with this version are that Boyfriend's voice is smoother, unused background music plays, the "Hey!" sound effect is gone from a part and Daddy Dearest's voice is slightly different. A version of Bopeebo similar to this would become the one used in-game with the WeekEnd 1 update.


Unused Sounds

Girlfriend's Sounds

Girlfriend has unused voice lines titled "GF_1.ogg," "GF_2.ogg," "GF_3.ogg" and "GF_4.ogg." They sound like random beeping, much like the vocals Boyfriend makes. They were used for the cutscenes, but since the speech bubbles never go used, this can't be heard in the Tutorial. However, in the older versions, it was possible to access this by editing the game's code.[19]

The sounds of Girlfriend:


There are unused sounds titled "badnoise1.ogg," "badnoise2.ogg" and "badnoise3.ogg." They are most likely the original, unedited versions of the current miss sounds.

The badnoise sounds:


"c_z.mp3" is a sound that is jokingly labeled "funny music :)" in the GitHub repository for the game and can be found in the art folder there. It is actually an SSTV (Slow Scan Television) signal, which consists of loud beep sounds. Decoding the signal reveals a slightly blurry photo of a notebook with handwriting that is somewhat scribbled:

The decoded notebook photo

The text appears to read:

Social media, was about
expression? People who would
not have access to certain
forms of expression or conundrum

Network of networks.
Internet in this world was
also developed by military?
I think in other shit, it's
also military based maybe
this form of internet. Maybe
instead of web, it could
be called a tree?
I think nostalgia
happens at a much faster
pace because culture is
accelerating so fast

The c_z sound:


"comboSound.ogg" is a sound effect that would have played whenever the unused "Note Combo" image appeared on screen. The Note Combo sound:

Friday Night Funkin' (Ludum Dare Prototype)

Check the prototype page for more information regarding the game's first ever build.

The Ludum Dare prototype of Friday Night Funkin' is the original build of the game that was submitted for Ludum Dare 47, a game jam event. It was released on the 5th of October, 2020, the last day to submit a game for the jam. The game can still be played on its itch.io page.

The Ludum Dare prototype logo bouncing with a black outline trail over a brick background


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