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This page is about the game itself. For the prototype, see Friday Night Funkin' (Ludum Dare Prototype). For the full game, see Friday Night Funkin' (Kickstarter Campaign).

Friday Night Funkin' (also stylized as FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN'; often abbreviated FNF) is a Newgrounds rhythm game developed in HaxeFlixel by The Funkin Crew Inc., whose founding members are ninjamuffin99, Kawai Sprite, PhantomArcade and evilsk8r.

The game was originally created for Ludum Dare 47, a game jam event with the theme being 'Stuck in a Loop.'[1] The version of the game that would now be known as the Ludum Dare prototype would be released on the 5th of October, 2020, the jam's last day for submissions. The current demo of the game was released to Newgrounds on the 1st of November, 2020. It can also be played on On the page, it can also be downloaded for Windows, macOS and Linux devices for free or with an optional donation.

Friday Night Funkin' is drawn and animated in a manner that nostalgically encapsulates Newgrounds' Flash animations with an art style inspired by graffiti street art. The game features multiple weeks where the player is confronted with various opponents with multiple songs.

The full version of the game, dubbed Friday Night Funkin': The Full Ass Game, is currently in development, having been successfully funded via an official Kickstarter campaign.

Premise and Gameplay

This section briefly covers the beginning of the game. To see the full story, check the timeline.

The player takes on the role of Boyfriend, a wannabe rapper and college dropout, who is trying to date his beloved Girlfriend. However, her ex-rockstar father, Daddy Dearest, viciously disapproves of their relationship. He challenges Boyfriend to a sing-off for him to prove his worth. Even if Boyfriend succeeds, it won't be the last time he will hear from him, and he certainly won't be the only one to get in his way.


Players must use the WASD and/or the arrow keys on their keyboard to play.

To pause the game, the player must press the P or Enter key.

The player must press the - and + keys to decrease or increase the game volume respectively, and 0 to mute the game.

The player must press the R key at any time during a song to instantly trigger a Game Over.

During the Game Over screen, the player must press the Enter key, Z key or spacebar to restart the track. They must also press the escape or backspace key to quit.

Most controls can be changed via the Options.


A set of notes.

Using the key bindings specified in-game—WASD/arrow keys by default—players must press the keys in correspondence to the colored arrows (the notes) shown on-screen when they overlap with their markers. The placement of the notes in the chart matches the vocals in the song, with the character performing a singing animation when a note is hit.

If an arrow appears with a streak below it (a hold note), the player must hold that key for as long as the streak goes. Holding it fully will rapidly restore a substantial amount of health and increase the player's score, while missing one causes some health to be lost, and letting go early cancels the note's streak.

Health Bar

At the bottom of the screen is a health bar that is shared between the characters. The left side is red, representing the opponent(s), and the right is green, representing the player and how much health they have remaining. The bar will always be half full at the start of a song. Where the red and green meet are character icons, representing the opponent(s) and the player, on their respective side. For each note the player hits, they will restore a bit of health as Boyfriend's icon will move a bit to the left. For each miss, the player will lose some health as Boyfriend's icon will move a bit to the right. When the player gets low enough on health, Boyfriend's icon will swap to his "danger" icon to warn the player that they are close to losing. On the other hand, when the player has the health bar mostly full, the opponent(s) will display their "danger" icon. Some characters do not have a "danger" icon, meaning their icon remains the same at all times.

The health bar, showing Boyfriend and Daddy Dearest's icons.


Continuously hitting notes will eventually cause a streak counter to appear near Girlfriend. This counter appears after the player hits 10 notes, and from then on it shows itself going up for every successful note the player hits without missing. If the player presses a key but misses a note, the counter does not reset. However, if the player misses a note, but does not press the key for it, the counter will reset.[note 1]

The combo counter does not affect the score in any way and is mostly an aesthetic feature.


Hitting notes will give the player points. The more accurate the hit is, the more points it gives, awarding a maximum of 500 points and a minimum of 9 points. Hitting and holding a hold note gives points for as long as the player continues holding the key. The points are added and tracked on a score counter below the health bar.

Below is a table explaining the approximated point yield and timing window for each rating.

Score Table
Score Message Image Points Condition
Sick!! Grafix.png
Sick!! pixel.png
354–500 Hitting the note within 45ms of the note reaching the marker.
Good! Grafix.png
Good! pixel.png
38–353 Hitting the note slightly before or after (90ms) it reaches the marker.
Bad Grafix.png
Bad pixel.png
10–38 Hitting the note a little early or late (135ms) in relation to it reaching the marker.
Shit Grafix.png
Shit pixel.png
9–10 Hitting the note early or late (160ms) in relation to it reaching the marker.
Miss** N/A -10 Allowing a note to pass by the marker by not pressing the key.
Ghost Miss*** N/A -10 Pressing a key when there are no arrows at all.

*Hitting the key perfectly is indicated with the note creating a splash effect. This was added in the Week 7 Update.

**Letting a note pass causes no message to appear. Points will be deducted, the combo counter will be reset and the player's health will be lowered. This type of miss is tracked in the Results screen.

***Hitting the key at the wrong time causes no message to appear either; however, a record scratching sound can be heard, the player character will stop producing vocals and turn bluish-purple in shock instead. Doing this will also lower the player's health, but the amount lost is less than if a note were to pass without even attempting to hit it. This type of miss is not tracked in the Results screen, but it lowers score.

Chart Editor

Friday Night Funkin' has a chart editor that can be accessed from the debug menu or by using a custom keybind during a song. It allows players to rechart songs and to select and play as or face off against other characters, although this doesn't affect the music in any way. The player can playtest a chart by pressing "Enter" on their keyboard. The only character besides Boyfriend who has miss animations that play upon failing to hit a note is Pico.[note 2]

Story Mode

Story Mode.gif

Story Mode is the main mode of Friday Night Funkin'. In this mode, the player can choose between 8 different weeks (and the tutorial level) and select between 3 different difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard.


Weeks are groups of tracks the player must goes through in succession. Each week has a different opponent/opponents and a different background (with the exception of the tutorial and the first week).


The Tutorial, titled Teaching Time, is a separate level and track meant to teach the player the basics of playing Friday Night Funkin', although it was originally part of (and takes place during) Week 1. Girlfriend takes the role of the opponent. It is set at The Stage.

Week 1

Week 1, titled Daddy Dearest, is the first week of Friday Night Funkin'. Its opponent is the character of the same name, Daddy Dearest, and it is set at The Stage. The tracks for this week are Bopeebo, Fresh and DadBattle.

Week 3

Week 3, titled Pico, is the third week of Friday Night Funkin'. Its opponent is the identically named character Pico, and it is set at the Newgrounds Office Building. The tracks for this week are Pico, Philly Nice and Blammed.

Week 6

Week 6, titled Hating Simulator ft. moawling, is the sixth week of Friday Night Funkin'. Its opponents are Senpai and Spirit, and it is set at The School. The tracks for this week are Senpai, Roses and Thorns.

Week 7

Week 7, titled Tankman, is the seventh week of Friday Night Funkin'. Its opponent is the character of the same name, Tankman, and it is set at the Restricted Military Zone. The tracks for this week are Ugh, Guns and Stress.

WeekEnd 1

WeekEnd 1, titled Due Debts, is the first weekend (or the eighth week) of Friday Night Funkin' and the final week of the Newgrounds demo. Its opponent is Darnell, and it is set at The Alley. The tracks for this week are Darnell, Lit Up, 2hot and Blazin'.


Freeplay mode.

Freeplay is the second mode of Friday Night Funkin'. Players are allowed to freely pick and play any of the songs from all the weeks on any of the 3 difficulties, as well as the ERECT tracks on their 2 difficulties, ERECT and Nightmare, and view their personal best scores for each individual track.

Player scores from Story Mode will be transferred to Freeplay if the score is greater. However, achieving better scores in Freeplay do not affect week scores from Story Mode.

Easter Eggs

Gitaroo Man

The secret pause menu/Game Over screen.

The Gitaroo Man Easter egg changes the regular pause menu or Game Over screen to one reminiscent of Gitaroo Man's Game Over screen. It has a 1 in 1,000 chance of occurring randomly during normal gameplay. Upon pausing or losing, the screen will abruptly go dark before the special screen appears. The artwork of Boyfriend's head on this screen was created by Wandaboy.

Multi-Colored Title Screen

Holding down the left or right key during the title screen will cause Girlfriend and the game's logo to change colors.

Secret Title Screen

Pressing "left, right, left, right, up, down, up, down" on the keyboard while on the title screen triggers a special theme to play while Girlfriend and the game's logo change colors to the beat.

Old Boyfriend Icons

During any song in any level, pressing the 9 key will cause Boyfriend's character icons to switch between the old ones he had prior to the Week 4 update and his current ones.

Bouncing Loading Screen

Pressing the spacebar, the Enter key or the Z key during the loading screen will cause it to bounce.

Flying Game Window

Pressing Y on the title screen while the game is being played in windowed mode will cause the game window to fly in a figure-8 pattern. Prior to 0.3.3, pressing Y again would cause the effect to stack, and too many presses would cause the game window to spasm in an unpredictable movement.

Boyfriend Fakeout Death

A special Game Over animation now has a 1 in 4096 chance of occurring randomly if the player loses at any song while playing as Boyfriend. Upon losing, an animation will play where Boyfriend expects to blue ball, doesn't and has a quick moment of relief before getting blue balled unexpectedly.

Newgrounds Medals

Name and Image Points Description How to Obtain
Friday Night Funker
60960 fridaynightfunker.jpg
5 Start the game Start the game
60961 spookytime.png
10 Beat Week 1 in Story mode and unlock Week 2 Complete all the Week 1 songs in Story Mode
Just like the game
61034 justlikethegame.jpg
25 Funk on a Friday (real time) Start the game on a Friday


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The original Friday Night Funkin' logo, made by evilsk8r.

On the 2nd of October, 2020, programmer ninjamuffin99 found out that the yearly game jam event Ludum Dare 47 was about to begin in a few hours. Having decided to participate in it, he contacted 3 Newgrounds artists to help him create his submission for Ludum Dare 47, who are Kawai Sprite, PhantomArcade, and evilsk8r. Of all these people, evilsk8r was the only one whom ninjamuffin99 had never interacted with, although he was more than willing to work with him. He had already decided that his game would be a rhythm game, and unlike with his previous Ludum Dare entries, he did not care much for the game jam's theme, loosely coming up with the idea that music is adjacent to looping. With a 72-hour weekend and the team assembled, they set off to create the very first build of Friday Night Funkin', which would come to be known as the Ludum Dare prototype.

Concept artwork for the design of the location of the game and the characters, made by PhantomArcade.

PhantomArcade and evilsk8r, both of whom were tasked by ninjamuffin99 to create concept designs for the game's characters, cooperated to create the first 3 characters appearing in the game (Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Daddy Dearest), as well as the area where the game would take place, a stage. Having imagined that the game would be about a father challenging his daughter's boyfriend to gain his approval, ninjamuffin99 asked the two to create initial designs of characters in a "boyfriend and dad scenario". Early concept art of Boyfriend depicted him as being mostly the same as his current one, except he had magenta hair instead of cyan and blue shoelaces instead of white.[2] An early depiction of Girlfriend depicted her as being the same as her current design, except without the speakers she is known for sitting on. Daddy Dearest was shown with a briefcase next to him, possibly implying that the idea of Daddy Dearest being a former rockstar had not yet been conceived at the time. As such, he may have originally been intended to be a businessman of some sort.

Kawai Sprite, on the other hand, was asked by ninjamuffin99 to compose the music for the game. According to ninjamuffin99, he wanted it to go in an old-school direction, specifically noting PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man as examples of what he was looking for in the music that was to be added.[citation needed] Additionally, voices were unanimously decided to follow in the style of Vib-Ribbon, leading to the "boops and beeps" vocal style the game is known for. During the course of the game's creation, Kawai Sprite created the start screen theme, Bopeebo and Fresh, as well as providing the voices for Boyfriend and Daddy Dearest.

The prototype version of Friday Night Funkin' was released on the 5th of October, 2020, the last day of Ludum Dare 47.[3] After the game jam concluded and the unexpected viral popularity of Friday Night Funkin', ninjamuffin99 and the rest of the crew had plans to continue updating the game, although not full-time.[citation needed] An updated version of the game was uploaded to Newgrounds and on the 1st of November, 2020, with several differences from its Ludum Dare predecessor. Additionally, the first two songs of the game were included in a level that would eventually be named "Week 1", along with 2 new tracks named Tutorial and Dad Battle.

The development of Week 2 began not long after the release of Week 1. For this week, ninjamuffin99 contacted popular YouTube animator and comedian Sr Pelo to request the addition of his Spooky Month characters Skid and Pump in Friday Night Funkin'.[citation needed] Sr Pelo happily accepted the request and provided the individual voices for both Skid and Pump for Kawai Sprite to use for Week 2's first 2 tracks: Spookeez and South, the latter of which was inspired by American hip-hop group Three 6 Mafia and was originally named "Spooky Down South".[4] In addition, PhantomArcade collaborated with Newgrounds animator Bassetfilms to create the week's secondary opponent, Monster, as well as his eponymous song.

Version History

Version Release Date Notes Official Description
0.1.0 5th of October, 2020 Version 0.1.0 was the first version of Friday Night Funkin' released. This version of the game has several notable differences, and many features were not yet implemented. More information can be found on the Friday Night Funkin' (Ludum Dare Prototype) page. Added
  • Uh, everything. This the game's initial gamejam release. We put it out
0.2.0 1st of November, 2020 Version 0.2.0 was the second version of Friday Night Funkin' to be released. This version of the game introduced many new features, which include intro messages that appear once the game is loaded, a new title card featuring Girlfriend, a new main theme known as Gettin' Freaky, and a main menu with three different options: Story Mode, where the player selects and plays through different weeks that combine the scores of each track together into a final score, Freeplay, where the player can freely select which songs to play, and Donate, which takes the player to the game's page. Options, which allows the player to change the settings of the game, had not yet been implemented. A chart editor (originally called the debug menu) was also added that allows the player to modify song charts and other properties. 2 new tracks, both of which were absent from the Ludum Dare prototype, named Tutorial and Dadbattle, were added to Week 1. Additionally, Week 2 was added featuring the characters Skid and Pump from Sr Pelo's Spooky Month series. The new tracks featured in this week are Spookeez and South. A third track, named Monster and featuring the character of the same name, was added, but went unused and could only be accessed through the debug menu. Uniquely, it didn't have any way to change its difficulty or save its score. It was always meant to be the 3rd track of Week 2[5] but was scrapped at the time due to difficulty charting it.[6] Added
  • Uhh Newgrounds release lolol I always lose track of shit.
0.2.1 6th of November, 2020 Version 0.2.1 was the third version of Friday Night Funkin' released. Among the several new features added in this version are scores and the possibility to change the difficulty level in Freeplay, a few new intro messages, a new lightning effect in Week 2 causing Boyfriend and Girlfriend to briefly shudder in fear, and a leaderboard where players can save their scores. Dadbattle and Spookeez were recharted in easy mode to make it easier for players to beat. Tutorial was now separated from Week 1 and was included in its own week. Added
  • Scores to the freeplay menu
  • A few new intro boot messages.
  • Lightning effect in Spooky stages
  • Campaign scores, can now compete on scoreboards for campaign!
  • Can now change difficulties in Freeplay mode


  • Balanced out Normal mode for the harder songs(Dadbattle and Spookeez, not South yet). Should be much easier all around.
  • Put tutorial in it's own 'week', so that if you want to play week 1, you don't have to play the tutorial.

Fixed 6th of November, 2020 Version was the fourth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. The only change in this version was a bug involving Week 2 not unlocking properly being fixed. Fixed
  • Week 2 not unlocking properly 6th of November, 2020 Version was the fifth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. A bug in Story Mode where scores would not reset was fixed. Fixed
  • Story mode scores not properly resetting, leading to VERY inflated highscores on the leaderboards. This also requires me to clear the scores that are on the leaderboard right now, sorry!
  • Difficulty on storymode and in freeplay scores
  • Hard mode difficulty on campaign levels have been fixed
0.2.2 11th of November, 2020 Version 0.2.2 was the sixth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. In this version, instrumental previews and user interface sounds were added to Freeplay, a feature showing the player's score during a track was added, and a pause menu allowing the player to restart or resume a song and go back to the main menu was added, with its pause theme being titled Breakfast. Added
  • Music playing on the freeplay menu.
  • UI sounds on freeplay menu
  • Score now shows mid-song.
  • Menu on pause screen! Can resume, and restart song, or go back to main menu.
  • New music made for pause menu!


  • Moved all the intro texts to its own txt file instead of being hardcoded, this allows for much easier customization. File is in the data folder, called "introText.txt", follow the format in there and you're probably good to go!


  • Fixed soft lock when pausing on song finish (shoutouts gedehari)
  • Think I fixed issue that led to in-game scores being off by 2 (shoutouts Mike)
  • Should have fixed the 1 frame note appearance thing. (shoutouts Mike)
  • Cleaned up some charting on South on hard mode
  • Fixed some animation timings, should feel both better to play, and watch. (shoutouts Dave/Ivan lol)
  • Animation issue where GF would freak out on the title screen if you returned to it(shoutouts MultiXIII).
0.2.3 12th of November, 2020 Version 0.2.3 was the seventh version of Friday Night Funkin' released. In this version, several other intro messages were added, and several bugs with the debug menu were fixed. Added
  • More intro texts


  • Exploit where you could potentially give yourself a high score via the debug menu
  • Issue/bug where you could spam the confirm button on the story menu (shoutouts lotusotho for the CODE contribution/pull request!)
  • Glitch where if you never would lose health if you missed a note on a fast song (shoutouts MrDulfin, HotSauceBurritos and LobsterMango)
  • Fixed tiny note bleed over thingies (shoutouts lotusotho)
0.2.4 11th of December, 2020 Version 0.2.4 was the eighth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. This update added Week 3, featuring the character Pico from Pico's School. The tracks featured in this week are Pico, Philly Nice, and Blammed. Added
  • 3 NEW SONGS BY KAWAISPRITE. Pico, Philly, and Blammed.
  • NEW CHARACTER, PICO. Based off the classic Flash game "Pico's School" by Tom Fulp


  • Made it less punishing to ATTEMPT to hit a note and miss, rather than let it pass you


  • Song desync of you paused and unpaused frequently (shoutouts SonicBlam)
  • Animation offsets when GF is scared 16th of December, 2020 Version was the ninth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. This version goes uncredited in the game's changelog. It fixed music playing after pausing the game, the main menu theme not playing after exiting or finishing a song, and updated the game's README file. Fixed
0.2.5 27th of December, 2020 Version 0.2.5 was the tenth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. This version added Week 4, featuring the character Mommy Mearest as its opponent. The new tracks featured in this week are Satin Panties, High and M.I.L.F. Along with the week, new health bar character icons and additions to the chart editor were also added. Added
  • Different icons depending on which character you are against, art by EVILSK8R!!
  • Autosave to chart editor
  • Clear section button to note editor
  • Swap button in note editor
  • a new boot text or two
  • automatic check for when you're on an old version of the game!


  • Made Spookeez on Normal easier.
  • Mouse is now visible in note editor


0.2.6 20th of January, 2021 Version 0.2.6 was the eleventh version of Friday Night Funkin' released. This update added Week 5, starring Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest as the primary opponents and Monster as the secondary opponent. The tracks featured in this week are Cocoa, Eggnog and Winter Horrorland. Improvements to the chart editor were also implemented. Added
  • Enemy icons change when they you are winning a lot (Thanks to pahaze for the Pull Request!)
  • Holding CTRL in charting editor places notes on both sides
  • Q and E changes sustain lengths in note editor
  • Other charting editor workflow improvements
  • More hair physics
  • Heads appear at top of chart editor to help show which side ur charting for


  • Tweaked code relating to inputs, hopefully making notes that are close together more fair to hit


  • Removed APE


0.2.7 2nd of February, 2021 Version 0.2.7 was the twelfth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. This update added Week 6, featuring the character Senpai as the primary opponent and Spirit as the secondary opponent. The tracks featured in this week are Senpai, Roses and Thorns. Added
  • 3 New songs by Kawaisprite!
  • Swaggy pixel art by Moawling!


  • Made it so you lose sliiiightly more health when you miss a note.
  • Removed the default HaxeFlixel pause screen when the game window loses focus, can get screenshots of the game easier hehehe

Fixed 14th of February, 2021 Version was the thirteenth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. Crashes involving Week 6's dialogue and several miscellaneous details were fixed. Added
  • Easter eggs
  • readme's in desktop versions of the game


  • New icons, old one was placeholder since October woops!
  • Made the transitions between the story mode levels more seamless.
  • Offset of the Newgrounds logo on boot screen.
  • Made the changelog txt so it can be opened easier by normal people who don't have a markdown reader (most normal people);


  • Fixed crashes on Week 6 story mode dialogue if spam too fast (Thanks to Lotusotho for the Pull Request!)
  • Should show intro credits on desktop versions of the game more consistently
  • Layering on Week 4 songs with GF and the LIMO LOL HOW TF I MISS THIS
  • Fixed sustain note trails ALSO THANKS TO MTH U A REAL ONE (MTH VERY POWERFUL)
  • Antialiasing on the skyscraper lights
0.2.8 18th of April, 2021 Version 0.2.8 was the fourteenth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. This update added Week 7, featuring Tankman from the TANKMEN series. The tracks featured in this week are Ugh, Guns and Stress. Among the many additions and changes to the game are options added to the main menu, allowing the player to play on downscroll, change keybinds and login to their Newgrounds account. The game's input system was also overhauled. Added
  • Monster added into week 2, FINALLY (Charting help by MtH and ChaoticGamer!)
  • Can now change song difficulty mid-game.
  • Shows some song info on pause screen.
  • Cute little icons onto freeplay menu


  • Made difficulty selector on freeplay menu more apparent


0.3.0 30th of April, 2024 Version 0.3.0 was the fifteenth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. This update added WeekEnd 1, featuring Darnell. The tracks featured in this week are Darnell, Lit Up, 2hot and Blazin'. Among the many additions and changes to the game are options added to the main menu, reworks to the score systems, new refactored chart editior, fixed a lot bugs across hundreds of PRs, etc. Added
  • New Story Level: Weekend 1, starting Pico, Darnell, and Nene.
    • Beat the level in Story Mode to unlock the songs for Freeplay!
  • 12 new Erect remixes, featuring Kawai Sprite, Saruky, Kohta Takahashi, and Saster
    • Unlocked instantly in Freeplay
  • New visually enhanced Freeplay menu.
    • Sorting, favorites, and more.
  • New Results screen upon completing any song or story level.
  • New refactored Chart Editor prototype (accessible via ~ in the main menu or 7 in the Play State, rebindable). (VERY EARLY PROTOTYPE. EXPECT BUGS AND CRASHES)
  • Implemented a new scripting system using HScript (an interpreted language with Haxe-like syntax) for incredible flexibility.
    • All character-specific, stage-specific, or song-specific behaviors have been moved to HScript.
  • New song events system allows for simple customization of camera behavior.
    • Mods can implement custom song events via HScript, and new built-in song events will come in the future.
  • New credits menu to list all the dozens of people who contributed.


  • Completely refactored the game's input system for higher reliability and accuracy.
  • Reworked note rendering to massively reduce lag on larger charts.
  • Reworks to scoring and health gain.
  • Dedicated gamepad support with the ability to rebind buttons.
  • Improvements to video cutscenes and dialogue, allowing them to be easily skipped or restarted.
  • Updated Polymod by several major versions, allowing for fully dynamic asset replacement and support for scripted classes.
  • Completely refactored almost every part of the game's code for performance, stability, and extensibility.
    • This is not the Ludem Dare game held together with sticks and glue you played three years ago.
  • Characters, stages, songs, story levels, and dialogue are now built from JSON data registries rather than being hardcoded.
    • All of these also support attaching scripts for custom behavior, more documentation on this soon.
    • You can forcibly reload the game's JSON data and scripts by pressing F5.
  • Fully refactored the game's chart file format for extensibility and readability.
    • You can migrate old charts using the Import FNF Legacy option in the chart editor.
  • Various visual tweaks and improvements.


  • 17 quadrillion bugs across hundreds of PRs
0.3.1 2nd of May, 2024 Version 0.3.1 was the sixteenth version of Friday Night Funkin' released. Crashes involving platforms and bugs with web browsers from game input were fixed. Changed
  • Ensure the Git commit hash always displays in the log files.
  • Added whether the local Git repo was modified to the log files.
  • Removed "PROTOTYPE" text on release builds only (it still shows on debug builds).
  • Added additional credits and special thanks.
  • Updated peepo in creds to peepo173


  • Fix a crash when retrieving system specs while handing a crash.
  • Fix a crash triggered when pausing before the song started.
  • Fix a crash triggered when dying before the song started.
  • Fix a crash triggered when unloading certain graphics.
  • Pico game over confirm plays correctly
  • When exiting from a song into freeplay, main menu no longer takes inputs unintentionally (aka issues with merch links opening up when selecting songs).
  • Fix for arrow keys causing web browser page scroll.
0.3.2 3rd of May, 2024 Version 0.3.2 was the seventeenth version of Friday Night Funkin released. This update added features to the Chart Editor, enables ZIP file system support for Polymod, songs and story levels in the mod folders will display in Freeplay without any extra scripting, fixes many issues to the game and removes some unused .txt files in the assets/data folder. Added
  • Added , and . keybinds to the Chart Editor. These place Focus Camera events at the playhead, for the opponent and player respectively.
  • Implemented a blacklist to prevent mods from calling system functions.
    • Added a couple utility functions to call useful stuff that got blacklisted.
  • Added an "onSongLoad" script event which allows for mutation of notes and events.
  • Added the current loaded modlist to crash logs.
  • Added the "visible" attribute to Level JSON data.
  • Enabled ZIP file system support for Polymod (make sure the metadata is in the root of the ZIP).


  • Songs in the mod folders will display in Freeplay without any extra scripting.
  • Story levels in the mod folders will display in Story without any extra scripting.
  • All audio should sound better in HTML5, less muddy


  • Fixed a typo in the credits folder (Custcene -> Cutscene)
  • Fixed an issue where health icon transition animations would loop and never finish properly.
  • Fixed an issue where video cutscenes flagged as mid-song would crash the game when they finish.
  • Fixed an issue where some substate lifecycle events were not being dispatched.
  • Fixed a crash when trying to load into the Animation Offsets menu with an invalid character.
  • Fixed an issue where the preloader would spam the logs when it was complete and waiting for user input.
  • Should definitely have the fix for freeplay where it stops taking control of the main menu below it
  • Changed the code for the story menu difficulties so that "normal" doesn't overlap the arrows after leaving Weekend 1


  • Removed some unused .txt files in the assets/data folder.
0.3.3 14th of May, 2024 Version 0.3.3 was the eighteenth version of Friday Night Funkin released. This update fixed multiple bugs and crashes. Changed
  • Cleaned up some code in PlayAnimationSongEvent.hx (thanks BurgerBalls!)


  • Fix Web Loading Bar (thanks lemz1!)
  • Don't allow any more inputs when exiting freeplay (thanks gamerbros!)
  • Fixed using mouse wheel to scroll on freeplay (thanks JugieNoob!)
  • Fixed the reset's of the health icons, score, and notes when re-entering gameplay from gameover (thanks ImCodist!)
  • Fixed the chart editor character selector's hitbox width (thanks MadBear422!)
  • Fixed camera stutter once a wipe transition to the Main Menu completes (thanks ImCodist!)
  • Fixed an issue where hold note would be invisible for a single frame (thanks ImCodist!)
  • Fix tween accumulation on title screen when pressing Y multiple times (thanks TheGaloXx!)
  • Fix for a game over easter egg so you don't accidentally exit it when viewing
  • Fix a crash when querying FlxG.state in the crash handler
  • Fix an issue where the Freeplay menu never displays 100% clear
  • Chart debug key now properly returns you to the previous chart editor session if you were playtesting a chart (thanks nebulazorua!)
  • Hopefully fixed Freeplay crashes on AMD gpu's

Open Source

Friday Night Funkin' is an open-source game. Anyone is allowed to download the source code either on the game's page or on GitHub, making all of the game's assets both easily accessible and modifiable. Thanks to this, the game has developed a strong modding community with many fan-created mods for the game being created and shared through mod sharing websites. The team behind the game has openly expressed their support and praise for the mods that have been created.


Friday Night Funkin' received positive reviews by many fans and players alike for having a great premise, wonderful music, an interesting story, and creative art design. Many people also credit the game as an instant classic that has managed to revive Newgrounds and bring it back into the public mainstream, on top of creating an entire community around the game itself. Some of the songs have gone on to be listed as major song companies' best hits, like M.I.L.F. and Stress. It has become one of the most popular Newgrounds games of the modern day, and it's currently being updated as time passes. The game has gained a large modding community due to the easily accessible files and the game being open-source. This has caused more people to be drawn to the game, creating multiple mods. Fans have shared their dismay about the preset controls not being customizable, along with other features that they feel should be added, but this was all fixed with the release of the Week 7 update.


  • The name Friday Night Funkin' refers to funk, the music genre of Bopeebo and Fresh, which were the only tracks in the Ludum Dare prototype. Starting with the release of the Newgrounds demo, the game would feature other genres as well.
    • The title originated from an innuendo, as confirmed in a Reddit AMA by PhantomArcade.[7]
  • Before the Week 5 update, Freeplay strangely had some of the songs out of order on the list, such as DadBattle being before Fresh, or Blammed coming before Philly Nice.
  • Week 5 includes a large number of character cameos, many of which originate from or are tied to Newgrounds.
  • Week 6 is the first week to utilize a completely different art style than all the previous weeks. It is also the first to have cutscenes containing dialogue as well as providing some lore to the game.
  • The colors of the note arrows and their directions were designed after the buttons of a PlayStation controller.[8]
  • Every level happens on a Friday, as confirmed by ninjamuffin99 on Reddit, hence the name of the game.[9]
  • According to ninjamuffin99, Friday Night Funkin' takes place in the Philadelphia area.[10]
  • Every current and future character has been confirmed to exist within the same reality.[11] ninjamuffin99 describes this as being similar to the Subspace Emissary from Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Upon Week 7's release, the Newgrounds website crashed due to many people rushing to play the week. However, many YouTubers beat it before it crashed, though some still had trouble accessing the game without encountering the "This submission has been temporarily disabled" message.
    • 3 days after its release, Newgrounds, along with the game, were fixed. However, some players were having problems with loading the game up, but that was also fixed.
  • On the 18th of April, 2021 (around 6:00pm EST), when Week 7 finally released, the developers released a Kickstarter to help plan the full version of the game and its release on multiple platforms. The campaign ended on the 18th of May, 2021, at 5:31pm EDT.
    • Friday Night Funkin': The Full Ass Game is planned to include cutscenes for every week to expand the lore, new songs and characters, local and online co-op multiplayer, online leaderboards, an epilogue story filled with its own weeks and songs, a new difficulty level, better mod support, creator mode, more mechanics and more. The game is estimated to have a retail price of between $20 and $30.[12]
      • The campaign had already reached beyond the $60,000 pledge goal within hours of its announcement and over $1,000,000 within a span of 3 days. By the time the campaign ended, it amassed $2,247,641 from 58,561 backers.
        • Plans for an official PlayStation 1 port, a Pico's School remake and Pico 2 release, and even an anime-themed level with a highly produced sakuga by a big-name company were set on the table.
          • A "Nightmare A.U." was also planned with a $10,000,000 goal, with the premise being that certain characters would appear from a dark universe to wreak havoc. People thought that this was just a joke by the developers, but PhantomArcade confirmed it to be real in a Tweet.[13]
  • The development of Friday Night Funkin' started exactly 5 years after ninjamuffin99 made his Newgrounds account.[14]
  • In a Twitter AMA, ninjamuffin99 revealed that if DLC were to be made for the game if they have the motivation for it, then it would come in free updates.[15]
  • During a Twitter Space, it was revealed that prior to Week 7's release, a Nintendo 3DS port of Friday Night Funkin' was planned for development but was canned due to the system's discontinuation.[16]
    • StreetPass was planned for this port, but it's unknown what it would have done.
  • One of the game's core inspirations is the 1981 anime adaptation of the manga Urusei Yatsura, which revolves around a horny protagonist and his similarly-horny otherworldly girlfriend going on countless adventures which range from emotional to outright ridiculous.[17]
    • Given this description, this is presumably what gave way to the creation of Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
  • Friday Night Funkin' is loosely based on "true-ish" events that occurred when PhantomArcade was 19–20.[18]
    • When PhantomArcade was 19 years old, his partner's father told him to turn off the Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth music that he was listening to because it was "fruity." The father then played AC/DC music on a guitar. PhantomArcade described this as "a story about the unique dynamics within relationships that inspired the game, and why [Boyfriend and Girlfriend] are that age."[19]



  1. Before the WeekEnd 1 update, this behavior was reversed, meaning the combo would be broken if a player pressed a key without a note, but would remain unaffected by a note being missed.
  2. Tankman also has unused miss animations, but they don't appear in the current build of the game and only exist in the Week 7 Flash files.


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