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Description This field has no description of the file's information.
Source(s) This field has no source link to where it came from.
Author(s) This work's authorship is missing.


To use this template, add the {{FileInformation}} template to the file page and fill in the appropriate fields. It can be filled in before uploading via the summary field in Special:Upload.

If none of them are specified and they are left blank, it will auto-generate the categories. For example, 1= is Category:Files without description, 2= is Category:Files without sources and 3= is Category:Files missing authors.


|1=File description
|2=Source link(s)

Sample output

Description Static idle of one of the Henchmen without shading.
Source(s) GitHub
Author(s) PhantomArcade
|1=Static idle of one of the [[Henchmen]] without shading.
|2=[https://github.com/FunkinCrew/Funkin/blob/master/assets/week4/images/limo/dumb.png GitHub]