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Monster, alternatively referred to as the Monster, is the secondary opponent of Week 2 and Week 5. He forcefully takes over for both weeks' final tracks, Monster and Winter Horrorland, respectively. He is an enigmatic creature with a head resembling a lemon who wants to eat Boyfriend and Girlfriend.


Monster appears to be a demonic humanoid creature with a body mostly comprised of black scribbles apart from his neck, which is instead a violet-pink color. He only has two stubs on each hand and foot. His head is in the shape and color of a lemon, with bloodshot eyes and eerily large black pupils. He always has a wide, open smile with light-pink teeth that extrude from his mouth. Blood stains the roots of his teeth and the bottom of his eyes. His idle animation has him doing a somewhat bouncy dance involving moving his lower arms outward to a degree and lifting his head.

During Week 5, he wears a Santa hat that's torn on the end.


Monster is an eccentric and mysterious individual who craves the flesh and meat of humans as well as demons. He likes to sing about how he wants to kill and eat people, including children, in gruesome detail. He is willing to trick others to get what he wants, as shown when he deceived Skid and Pump in an attempt to get Girlfriend so that he could eat her. Monster has been described as being "just insane,"[1] and it has been hinted that he has not found inner peace.[2]


During the events of Week 2, Monster wants to eat Girlfriend on Halloween night, so he comes across Skid and Pump and tricks them into thinking Girlfriend is made out of candy and to retrieve her for him. The kids come to Girlfriend's house and decide to rap-battle Boyfriend to get her. However, the kids lose and fail to retrieve the woman, so Monster decides to step in and get her himself, leading him to sing Monster. He eventually decides he'll eat Boyfriend as well, and he repeatedly voices his desire to kill the two and eat them. Unfortunately for him, he loses to Boyfriend and leaves.

Monster later returns in Week 5, where he is initially only a background character, witnessing Boyfriend's face-off against Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest in Cocoa and Eggnog. However, he later takes over the parents' spotlight for Winter Horrorland and sings against Boyfriend with the same goal of eating him along with his girlfriend. This time, his verses are Christmas-themed and talk about various ways he could cook and eat both Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Unfortunately, Monster once again loses against the blue-haired man and is defeated for now.


Given that he is possibly some kind of demon or specter, Monster may have some abilities associated with other demons in the game, notably members of Girlfriend's family. This is possibly supported by the statement that he "wasn't born."[3] As such, it's possible he at least has the powers of invincibility and demon magic. It is known that Monster can alter someone's perception, which explains how the background in Week 5 was able to change.[4] Also, similarly to Girlfriend, Monster has the ability to shapeshift in some form, as he does not have a penis but could give himself one if he wanted to.[5]



Although Monster wants to eat Boyfriend, the rapper is not afraid to face off against him in singing battles, even as he constantly makes disturbing threats toward Boyfriend and Girlfriend. Thanks to Boyfriend's rapping skills, Monster is easily defeated each time before he can do anything to the couple.


Monster has a strong desire to eat Girlfriend, and he sings in gruesome detail about how he plans to do this. However, even with Monster's constant threats, Girlfriend is evidently not afraid of him during his songs.

Skid and Pump

Monster tasks Skid and Pump with getting Girlfriend for him so that he can eat her. The children fail to do this, however, as Boyfriend beats them twice during their sing-off, leading Monster to take matters into his own hands.



  • Monster was initially an unused character, appearing in the files of the Week 2 update, but he would go on to make his first official appearance in the game in the Week 5 update. His unused track for Week 2, Monster, would be implemented into the game with the Week 7 update.
    • According to ninjamuffin99, Monster's eponymous song was not originally added as he was struggling with charting it,[6] leading to Week 2 being a track short upon its release. Shortly after Monster's files were discovered, a user on Reddit mapped the entire song to his approval,[7] leading to the chart being included in the game until the song was recharted during the release of Week 7.
    • In Monster's earlier sprites, his face always remained largely static whenever he sang. These sprites also had an issue where his neck would appear longer and clip inside his own mouth whenever he bopped his head down, and they lacked the stretch mark lines that his current sprites have.
      • PhantomArcade posted a video to his TikTok showing off more detailed and animated Monster sprites whilst saying, "This is a Friday Night Funkin' leak. You guys don't even have the right file. You guys are playing with the wrong one," with the caption, "NO ONE EVEN HAS THE REAL ANIMATIONS, LMAOOOO."[8] These sprites showed that Monster can contort and stretch out his face and eyeballs. With the Week 5 and Week 7 updates, they were eventually properly added to the game, with the old sprites remaining unused.
  • Judging by his lemon-like head and the tone of his songs, many people believed Monster to be a reference to Lemon Demon, the musical pseudonym of internet comedian and musician Neil Cicierega. This, however, was confirmed not to be the case by ninjamuffin99 in a Reddit AMA,[9] and that the similarities were purely coincidental.
    • People being led to believe that Monster was a reference to Lemon Demon was likely due to Lemon Demon's music being incredibly popular on Newgrounds in the early 2000s, with the official release of "The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny" currently having over 13 million views on Newgrounds alone.
    • Despite popular belief, Monster's voice was not provided by Neil Cicierega either. All of Monster's songs were produced and performed by Bassetfilms, an animator on Newgrounds who helped design the character with PhantomArcade.
  • Monster is commonly known among the Friday Night Funkin' fandom as "Lemon Demon" due to his having a lemon-like head and similarities to the mascot of Neil Cicierega's Lemon Demon project. This became a popular alias for him to the point where, according to a Tweet made by Needlejuice Records, they had to explain Monster to Cicierega in a business meeting, as he had no idea why the term "Lemon Demon" was trending.[10]
    • Needlejuice Records stated that "[Cicierega] thought it was neat, [whether] or not it was an intentional homage, to have a Lemon Demon in a game that is a love letter to Flash culture."[11]
  • Monster's design used to look different during development; he had a more grotesque look and teeth all over his body. He was also shown residing in a pumpkin with a face carved onto it.[12]
  • Monster and Girlfriend are currently the only characters in the game to fully sing in English instead of using a chromatic scale or gibberish.
  • Monster is the first character to have a song named after him, the second being Pico, the third being Senpai and the fourth being Darnell.
  • Monster is the only character whose tracks were not made by Kawai Sprite, having been composed by Bassetfilms instead.
  • The character is named "Monster" within the game's files. All in-game files related to him have this name, though it may have been only a temporary name simply describing what he was.
    • In a Tweet, ninjamuffin99 stated that the character "doesnt have a name per se, jus whatever people feel like calling him heheh, at least for now."[13]
  • Monster is the second character to not use a microphone, the first being Girlfriend and the third being Spirit.
  • On the 29th of March, 2021, Bassetfilms would post a humorous "leak" of Monster and Boyfriend singing the first couple of lyrics to Parry Gripp's 2009 song "I Got No iPhone".[14] This not only brought new-found popularity to the song, but it also created a meme in the Friday Night Funkin' community where Monster was depressed about lacking an iPhone.
    • The video posted by Bassetfilms also depicted Monster with an eyepatch, which shortly became a niche fan design for the character, some depicting him as a pirate.
  • Prior to the WeekEnd 1 update, the left and right poses for Monster were erroneously swapped. The left arrow used to make him do his "right" pose, and vice versa. This makes Monster the only character whose poses were not initially assigned correctly.


  • Monster's head was confirmed not to be an actual lemon and that it was merely shaped and colored like one.[15]
    • In fact, his head wasn't actually designed to look like a lemon in the first place; the fact that it came to resemble one in his final design was purely coincidental. ninjamuffin99 confirmed that Monster's head is yellow because his concept art was drawn on a yellow canvas, and his head shape was supposed to be similar to that of Arnold Shortman from Hey Arnold! or Stewie Griffin from Family Guy.[16]
  • Monster did not vote and does not watch any news. He simply exists in the world, in the shadows.[17]
  • Out of everyone in the Friday Night Funkin' universe, Monster would be the most likely to do cocaine.[18]
  • Monster was not born;[3] how exactly he came into existence is unknown.
  • Monster drinks S'more Schnapps.[3]
  • The black part of Monster's body is implied to be hair; as stated by PhantomArcade, it's where "[Monster] hasn't shaved".[19]


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  1. While one official alias for Monster implies that he is a demon and another implies that he is a specter (which can be a kind of demon), Monster's exact nature is unclear, and the canonicity of the species implied by these aliases is debatable due to their origins in a fan nickname.


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