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Spirit is the secondary opponent of Week 6. He forcefully takes over for Senpai for the week's final track, Thorns. He is a suffering soul who was sealed within Girlfriend's dating sim.


Spirit appears as a pixelated, ghastly specter. His form takes the shape of a grotesque floating red face surrounded by a darker red aura. His face is depicted in an unsettlingly realistic fashion, with an expression that displays immense pain. Spirit is rather glitchy, as all of his movements are erratic and cause brief afterimages of himself to appear.


Spirit is quite a vengeful individual, as he holds a grudge against Daddy Dearest for sealing him into the dating sim game and wants to get revenge by any means possible, even if it means at the cost of other people's happiness. He appears to have a twisted sense of justice, believing that "borrowing" other people's bodies would be "only fair" for him.


After Senpai has been bested twice, Spirit seizes the opportunity and gruesomely bursts out of his face, causing the game's world to appear black, barren, and bleak. Finally showing himself within the presence of other living people after so long, Spirit reveals some unsettling information to the two: he knows Girlfriend, he knows about her vicious father, and he most definitely knows that he is not the only one to have suffered at his hands.

With the final track, Spirit plans to defeat Boyfriend and take both his and Girlfriend's bodies for himself. That way, he can finally escape the game and begin enacting revenge against Daddy Dearest. However, he's fully aware and doesn't seem to care that his freedom will be at the two's expense, leaving them trapped in the game in his place. Ultimately, Boyfriend wins the ensuing rap battle against Spirit, who remains alone in the game as the couple leaves.


Spirit claims to be able to "borrow" another person's body. What this exactly means is unclear, although it hints that he can take control of a person's body through means such as possession. The fact that he intended to borrow both Boyfriend and Girlfriend's bodies indicates that he can control more than one person at a time. He can also levitate.



Due to Spirit's apparent distorted sense of justice, he considers it "only fair" to take Boyfriend and Girlfriend's bodies for himself in order to escape the dating sim game he was trapped in. Even with this threat, Boyfriend remains undeterred, as he confidently rap battles the ghastly soul without saying a word to him beforehand and ultimately wins.


Spirit knew Girlfriend when she was a young child, as he has been trapped in her dating sim game for 14 years[2][3] and recognizes her after escaping Senpai's body. He doesn't seem to be happy to see her, likely due at least in part to her being the daughter of the person who trapped him in the game, but there may be another reason that is currently unclear. Spirit plans to "borrow" Girlfriend and Boyfriend's bodies in order to escape the game and get revenge on her father. He fails to do this, however, with Girlfriend and Boyfriend simply leaving Spirit behind in the game after her man beats the specter.

Daddy Dearest

14 years ago, Daddy Dearest trapped Spirit in Girlfriend's dating sim game for unknown reasons. Spirit despises Daddy Dearest as a result, seeking to make him pay for what he has done to him and others.


When Daddy Dearest sealed Spirit within Girlfriend's dating sim, he trapped the soul inside of Senpai. Senpai may not be aware of Spirit's existence, or at least not until his final moments, when he starts writhing before Spirit bursts out of him and kills him in the process.



  • Despite being in the same week and bursting out of him, Spirit is considered to be a separate entity from Senpai: Senpai is just an AI that's part of the game's programming, while Spirit is self-aware with ties to the world outside of Girlfriend's dating sim game.
    • Oddly, though, they share the same vocals.
  • Spirit is the second character to appear in someone else's week with their own song. The first is Monster, who takes over for Skid and Pump in Week 2, and also Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest during Week 5.
  • Spirit is the second opponent to not follow the main art style of the game, instead being portrayed in a pixel art style. The first one is Senpai.
  • Spirit is the fifth character to not have a "danger" icon, the first being Girlfriend, the second being Daddy Dearest, the third being Senpai, and the fourth being Boyfriend in Week 6.
  • Spirit is the third character who does not use a microphone, the first being Girlfriend and the second being Monster.
  • There are two specially programed effects for Spirit during Thorns to make him look ghastly. These effects apply to anyone on the opponent's side, which is achievable by using the chart editor.
    • Whenever Spirit moves, such as in his idle or singing animations, afterimages are created.
    • Spirit's regular animations are altered to look extremely fast and glitchy.
      • According to ninjamuffin99 in a Tweet, the frames of Spirit's sprites are displayed at around 60 frames per second rather than the usual 24 frames per second "because in-universe, Spirit is a video game character, and video games usually run at 60FPS. it's not that deep tho, but it looks more video game-y that way tho."[4] The statement that Spirit is a video game character in-universe contradicts what PhantomArcade has said about the character's story, however.
  • According to PhantomArcade through a Tweet, the face seen on Spirit is supposed to be Tom Fulp's face.[5]
  • Spirit's sprite sheet is not bundled with an XML file. Instead, it has a .txt file for sprites. This is because it was generated with a different program.
  • Spirit is tied with Boyfriend and Girlfriend for having the least tracks out of any character in the game, having one each.


  • On a live stream, it was directly clarified that Spirit is trapped inside the video game character Senpai, but Senpai is still himself and not controlled by Spirit at all.[1]
  • A doodle of Spirit made by PhantomArcade implies that Spirit has spent 14 years being trapped in Girlfriend's dating sim game.
    • Spirit's having been stuck in the game for 14 years is also implied by a Tweet by PhantomArcade.[3]


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