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Mommy Mearest, alternatively referred to as the Mom, is one of the main antagonists of Friday Night Funkin'. She is the opponent of Week 4 and one of the two primary opponents of Week 5 along with Daddy Dearest. Her tracks include Satin Panties, High and M.I.L.F., and she shares the tracks Cocoa and Eggnog with Daddy Dearest. She is the demonic pop star wife of Daddy Dearest and mother of Girlfriend, and she attempts to kill Boyfriend by any means possible because he is dating her daughter.


Mommy Mearest has a demonic-looking appearance with purple skin, black eyes with red glowing pupils and long auburn hair with several pointed ends and a curved cowlick. She wears a form-fitting red dress underneath of a black jacket, black thigh-high heel boots, a black garter belt, golden hoop earrings, a golden necklace and a pair of golden bracelets on each wrist. She has dark red lipstick on and sharp, red-painted fingernails. She clutches a bluish-gray microphone in her right hand but will sometimes hold it in her left while singing.

During Week 4, her hair gets blown as a result of being on top of a moving car.

During Week 5, she wears a Santa Claus outfit with a plunging neckline, a black belt with a golden buckle, white fur-lined knee-high heel boots, and golden hoop earrings. She sits on Daddy Dearest's lap who is seated on Mall Santa's throne. She holds a bluish-gray microphone for both of them in her left hand with her pinky out while holding onto her husband's shoulder with her right hand.


Mommy Mearest is a skilled pop singer who seems to be powerful in terms of both abilities and status. She is condescending and prideful as a performer,[3] being even more evil than her husband.[4] As a parent, she is just as overprotective as Daddy Dearest, if not more so, as she makes multiple attempts to put Boyfriend's life in danger because he is dating Girlfriend. The Nendoroid comic also shows that she is short-tempered, as she brutally stabs her husband with multiple knives for inadvertently knocking her music speakers into the bathtub and electrocuting her after throwing Boyfriend against the wall from using his figurine as a voodoo doll.[5]



Girlfriend is Mommy Mearest's daughter. The mother is presumably well-intentioned with Girlfriend, but she also won't let her and Boyfriend date and is very overprotective. Mommy Mearest seems to be just as willing to try to kill Boyfriend as her husband is, not caring about the consequences that murdering him will have on Girlfriend. However, she does hand down clothes and iPhones to her daughter, showing that she cares about giving Girlfriend nice things. Girlfriend is willing to steal from her mother, as she and Boyfriend engage in the theft of Mommy Mearest's limousine in order to hold up the entire drive-through slot at McDonald's.[6]

Daddy Dearest

Daddy Dearest is Mommy Mearest's husband. As they are both singers, it is possible that they met through the music business.[7] Not much is known about their relationship, but they seem to be quite close, as Mommy Mearest sits on Daddy Dearest's lap during Cocoa and Eggnog. The two also work together to attempt to kill Boyfriend and as bosses of Pico. Despite this, Mommy Mearest is not above injuring him if he does something to upset her.[5]


Like Daddy Dearest, Mommy Mearest hates Boyfriend greatly, partaking in the plan to kill Boyfriend by having him fall off a plane[8] and making him sing off against her on top of a moving limousine. She even throws darts at a picture of him on a wall while bathing.[5] Boyfriend is not deterred by her actions, confidently defeating her in singing battles.


Mommy Mearest tasks Pico with confirming Boyfriend's corpse. Pico is not loyal to the mother, however, as he goes against her orders by assisting Boyfriend. Consequently, he is in trouble with her.


Mommy Mearest is the boss of the Henchmen. The Henchmen are very loyal to her, but she seems to treat them as disposable and only gives them one dollar to purchase a drink from a vending machine.[9] She also assaults them by tearing their fingernails and eyelashes off after they get stuck driving her Porsche back when Boyfriend and Girlfriend crash a driver's license test vehicle into trees and run away.[10]

Mall Santa

In Week 5, an aroused Mall Santa tries to catch a look at Mommy Mearest's breasts,[11] constantly staring at them during Cocoa and Eggnog.



  • Mommy Mearest's vocals were provided by Monica Franco, also known as l0litsmonica, a voice actor known for voicing Vaggie in the pilot of the animated series Hazbin Hotel.
  • Mommy Mearest was revealed early in a sneak peek for Week 4 posted to ninjamuffin99's Twitter on the 18th of December, 2020.[12]
  • In the Week 5 update, Mommy Mearest's week was updated to add new animations for herself, Boyfriend and Girlfriend of their hair being blown by the wind. She was also given a danger icon.
    • Her original sprites still exist within the game's files but are currently unused.
  • Mommy Mearest and Daddy Dearest are tied for the second-most tracks in Friday Night Funkin', with 5. The character with the most tracks is Pico, who has 7.
    • Darnell is a close third with 4 tracks.
  • Mommy Mearest is one of the few characters in the game to have a known surname, the other four being Daddy Dearest, Tankman, Ritz The Rat and Hank J. Wimbleton.
  • Mommy Mearest's name was confirmed to be Mommy Mearest by ninjamuffin99 during a Twitter Q&A. According to him, her name is that because it's funny.[13]
    • The name is somewhat of a play on that of Daddy Dearest, with the alliteration of the m sound in Mommy leading to the nonsensical word Mearest. Mear is a word in English that serves as an alternate form of the dialectal or literary noun mere, which can mean a body of standing water, a boundary or a limit. Her surname was likely not intended to mean "most body of water" or "most boundary," however.
      • Her name can also be derived from the ironic term mommy dearest, thus carrying the same implications as Daddy Dearest's name of a self-serving parent who does not treat their offspring well. However, this is somewhat lost in the humor of the unusual alliteration.
    • A common misconception is that her name is Mommy Must Murder. However, this has been proven false by ninjamuffin99, explaining that Mommy Must Murder is just the week's title.[14]
  • Mommy Mearest is currently tied with Daddy Dearest for having the highest number of tracks as an opponent, with a total of five songs.
  • According to a Tweet by PhantomArcade, Mommy Mearest's garter belt straps were suggested by Spazkid, while her lips were made more "bimbofied" by moawling.[15]
    • Spazkid also helped with animation for Week 4.[16] In Mommy Mearest's Flash file, he is credited as Cory (his real name) in the name of a sketch of Mommy Mearest's left pose, indicating that he helped draw that pose. This led some to believe that Cory is a name for Mommy Mearest, although ninjamuffin99 explained that it might be referring to Spazkid.[17] Even so, ninjamuffin99 does not appear to mind if fans call her Cory.[18]


  • Mommy Mearest likes to drink White Claw Hard Seltzer.[19]
  • The Friday Night Funkin' Kickstarter revealed that Mommy Mearest is a pop star.
  • Mommy Mearest was confirmed to be more evil and powerful than Daddy Dearest in a Reddit AMA.[4]
  • Mommy Mearest only sings with Boyfriend out of a weird pride and to be condescending as a singing performer.[3]
  • Mommy Mearest is rich, along with her husband, Daddy Dearest.[20]
  • Mommy Mearest uses iPhones, which she hands down to Girlfriend.[20]
  • In the Nendoroid comic, it is shown that Mommy Mearest has her horns hidden,[5] just like Girlfriend in the Game Over animation for Stress.
  • Mommy Mearest can use demon magic, including to curse things.[21]


  • Mommy Mearest has a 1980s-inspired look, with her messy, volumized hair resembling the 1980s' teased hairstyles and her shoulder pads being a key style in the fashion of the decade. Her 1980s-style music fits this.


View Mommy Mearest's full gallery here.


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