Week 5: Red Snow

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Week 5, titled Red Snow, is the fifth level in Friday Night Funkin'. It was released on the 20th of January, 2021.



Boyfriend faces off against both Daddy Dearest and Mommy Mearest, the parents of Girlfriend. Later, Boyfriend also faces off against Monster, a creepy lemon-like creature of unknown origin.


Week 5 takes place at "The Mall." This location is inside of a well-lit shopping center with a large dome skylight showing a starry night sky. A large, decorated Christmas tree stands in the middle and snow covers the floor. Many characters spectate the rap battle from either the ground or second floor. A mall Santa is being held at gunpoint close by where the battle is occurring, sweating profusely with a panicked expression on his face.

In the third track, the location undergoes a drastic and creepy shift as the shopping center becomes largely abandoned and dimly lit in a red glow. The Christmas tree is now decorated with intestines, covered in blood and has a decapitated head in place of the star, one that eerily resembles Girlfriend but with a shadowed face, red facial features and blood around the eyes and mouth. The snow is tinted pink. Large amounts of blood stain the solid railing of the second floor, and the bottom of the escalators seem to be covered in something organic and flesh-like.

Unique Effects

Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Daddy Dearest, Mommy Mearest and Monster all have different appearances to fit the week's Christmas/Holiday theme.


  1. Cocoa   Parents Icon.png
  2. Eggnog   Parents Icon.png
  3. Winter Horrorland   Monster Icon.png




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