Week 2: Spooky Month

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Week 2, titled Spooky Month, is the second level in Friday Night Funkin'. It was released on the 1st of November, 2020, with the Newgrounds release of the game.



Boyfriend faces off against Skid and Pump, the harbingers of Spooky Month. Later, Boyfriend also faces off against Monster, an unsettling being with a peculiarly shaped head.


Week 2 takes place inside "Girlfriend's House". This location is inside of a dark, moon-lit room with a set of stairs to the far right going up and a large window on the wall that casts a shadow on the floor. The moon, some clouds and a leafless tree with jagged branches can be seen through the window.

Unique Effects

Every once in a while, a lightning strike occurs. Whenever this happens, the sky flashes and alters the lighting of the room momentarily. Both Boyfriend and Girlfriend will appear frightened briefly. This applies to all tracks.


  1. Spookeez Skid and Pump head icon.png
  2. South Skid and Pump head icon.png
  3. Monster Monster Icon.png


  • Week 2 shares its name with Spooky Month, the animated series from which Skid and Pump originate, and the nickname that the spooky kids give to Halloween.
  • Week 2 was the shortest week in the game, with only two songs before the Week 7 update. This was due to the week's final track, Monster, previously being an unused song. It was supposed to be Week 2's third and final track;[1] this was originally backed up by the fact that when the track was accessed through the chart editor,[2] the stage for it was the same, along with the week's Halloween theme fitting appropriately with the opponent and song. However, ninjamuffin99 had difficulty mapping the song's notes, as the game's code and chart editor did not accommodate the song's multiple BPM changes, so the song was cut to get the Week 2 update out roughly in time for Halloween.[3][4] With the track shelved, Monster would not make an official appearance in the game until his debut later in Week 5, first as a background cameo, then as a full-on opponent for the final track. With the release of the Week 7 update, this track was officially implemented into the game, along with updated animations and updated charting.
  • In a Twitch live stream, PhantomArcade revealed that Week 2 chronologically takes place after Week 4.[2] Additionally, the house where the week takes place belongs to Girlfriend's family.
  • Week 2 and Week 1 are the only weeks to have a song added after its initial release.