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evilsk8r, also known as block, is an American animator and artist. He is one of the artists for Friday Night Funkin'. He is mainly responsible for the game's artwork and works on character designs with PhantomArcade.


evilsk8r was one of the artists contacted by ninjamuffin99 for the game he wanted to make for Ludum Dare 47. ninjamuffin99 had been asking for help from other artists who were all currently too busy to help, but eventually managed to get evilsk8r on board with the project through recommendation. Unlike with Kawai Sprite and PhantomArcade, evilsk8r was the only person in the project that ninjamuffin99 had not interacted with before, but he was more than willing to work with new people. As the game's artist, he was tasked with making the game's art assets, such as the game's logo, UI elements and backgrounds. With PhantomArcade, he also created its characters based on a "boyfriend and dad scenario," leading to the creation of Boyfriend, Girlfriend and Daddy Dearest. PhantomArcade first passes along his initial designs to evilsk8r, who then adds his inputs to them, then finally passes them back to PhantomArcade for him to settle on the final design before animating them.


  • Prior to the WeekEnd 1 update, evilsk8r was erroneously credited as "evilsker" in the opening sequence for Friday Night Funkin'. The 8 in his username was missing due to the game's custom font lacking numbers in the same bubble letter style. The opening sequence for the game currently reads out "The Funkin Crew Inc" instead of listing the four main developers separately.
  • evilsk8r's character, Buggy the Bug, appears in one of the game's files as a sketch along with some other character concepts.
  • evilsk8r is the youngest out of the main four developers, being only 17 years old when Friday Night Funkin' was first conceived.