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Were you looking for the character or the similarly named background characters?

Week 7, titled Tankman ft. JohnnyUtah, is the seventh level in Friday Night Funkin'. It was released on the 18th of April, 2021, as part of an update that was initially exclusive to the Newgrounds version of the demo.



Boyfriend faces off against Tankman, the military sergeant icon of Newgrounds who leads the Tankmen.


Week 7 takes place in the "Restricted Military Zone."[1] This location is set in the middle of a desert battlefield, with the left and right sides each having a small pile of brick rubble. The landscape has large mountains far away in the background, in front of which are several war-torn buildings. Two tall columns of smoke rise from somewhere on the horizon. Steve, a Tankmen soldier with round goggles, operates a tank and will occasionally drive by slightly over the horizon, reaching out with his right hand while wearing a concerned expression. Private Skittles, a sniper belonging to an enemy faction, can be seen in the distance, keeping a lookout from his watchtower on the left with his sniper rifle poking out while facing toward the right. Two Tankmen with insignias on their arms are crouched on Girlfriend's smaller speakers, pointing their rifles at her. A small audience of Tankmen in the foreground spectates the rap battle.

In the third track, the 2 Tankmen who were resting on Girlfriend's stereo are gone, having been killed by Pico during the track's cutscene. Other rifle-carrying Tankmen with rectangular goggles and insignias on their arms continuously rush in from the left and right sides of the background, each one getting shot and killed once they get close enough.

Unique Effects

During the first 2 tracks, Girlfriend is held at gunpoint by the 2 Tankmen resting on the smaller speakers, forcing her to raise her arms as she bops her head to the tempo of the music.

During the last track, Pico takes Girlfriend's place on her speakers, remaining crouched on the large one while dual-wielding a pair of MAC-10-like guns. He provides cover fire, shooting the approaching Tankmen in the background to the tempo of the music while twirling his guns in a flashy manner. Boyfriend now holds Girlfriend up around the waist.

If the player fails any of the tracks in this week, Tankman will insult and mock Boyfriend or the player with a randomly selected phrase at the beginning of the Game Over screen. In the Game Over screen for Stress, Boyfriend and Girlfriend's skeletons are shown, and retrying will play an animation where Girlfriend will raise her arm cheerfully and have smiling eyes.

Randomized Phrases

These are the phrases randomly uttered by Tankman during the Game Over screen. They are listed in no particular order.

Tankman Game Over Phrases
"Hey, here's some Friday Night Funkin' lore for ya! I don't like you!"
"No wonder your parents hate you." [laughs]
"You feel that? That's called failure and you better get used to it." [laughs]
"Maybe you should go play Week 1 again." [laughs]
"That was terrible. Just terrible."
"Oh my god! What the hell was that!? What the hell. Was. That?"
"The only thing you're funkin' tonight is your sock." [laughs]
"Can you even feed yourself!? Can you even walk straight?"
"Why am I wasting my time against some baggy-pantsed punk?"
"Why am I wasting my time against some baggy-pantsed fuck?" [laughs]
"I hope you're not some internet streamer screaming like a sociopath right now!"
"If you can't beat me, how are you gonna survive this harsh and cruel world, hmm?"
"You gotta press the arrows, kid. Not slap your keyboard like your blind uncle, what?"
"Eh, you're gettin' closer! I wouldn't brag about it though."
"My dead grandmother has more nimble fingers! C'mon!"
"You just make me wanna cry."
"You're ugly and you can't keep a rhythm! Truly, you are cursed."
"Good lord, what the hell is your problem, man? [burp] Just do it right, please!"
"Man, are you tired of eating shit yet?" [laughs]
"I said let's rock, not suck cock." [laughs]
"'Congratulations, you won!' That's what I would say if you weren't such a goddamn failure." [laughs]
"You know I'm running out of shit to say here so you better beat this sometime today, asshole."
"Maybe if you had more friends, you'd be less depressed and play better, hm?"
"I guess your shitty blue hair dye got in your eyes. It's okay, it happens to all of us."
"Open your fucking eyes, geez."


  1. Ugh   Tankman Icon.png
  2. Guns   Tankman Icon.png
  3. Stress   Tankman Icon.png

Cutscene Tracks

  2. Klaskii Romper


  • Upon the Week 7 update's release, the Newgrounds site crashed due to an influx of users rushing to play it.
    • The crash started the day the exclusive update was released, on the 18th of April, 2021, approximately around 6:00pm EST. Although the site eventually recovered, the game was temporarily disabled for 2 more days until the server capacity was increased.
  • The exclusive release of the Week 7 update on Newgrounds was intended to be a timed preview at first. This was due to the team's love for Newgrounds and the fact that "Friday Night Funkin' is a Newgrounds game, through and through." However, a few days after the update was released, ninjamuffin99 stated on his Twitter page that Week 7 would be exclusive to Newgrounds until Newgrounds reached the first or second result when searching up "friday night funkin" on Google. This was due to other online game sites reuploading the new build of the Newgrounds demo and surpassing the original upload in search rankings while the site was down.[2]
    • In a Tweet posted by ninjamuffin99 on the 22nd of April, 2021, he stated that the desktop version of Week 7 would probably be released with the next level after Week 7 due to the upcoming level's progress and the fact that he would have to go back and take the new content out.[3]
      • Eventually, on the 22nd of June, 2021, the Newgrounds version of the game reached the first result when searching "friday night funkin" on Google. ninjamuffin99 didn't expect this to happen and said that he might release the source code and desktop version of the Week 7 update before the next update.[4] He reiterated that such a release was not certain because it would require removing the data for the next update from the Friday Night Funkin' source code, which he said would be even more extra work compared to simply finishing what was in progress.[5]
        • On the 31st of January, 2023, the source code for the Week 7 update was finally released on GitHub.[6]
  • Ritz The Rat was previously believed to be the opponent of this week as a result of ninjamuffin99 posting a GIF of Ritz on Twitter before quickly deleting it. However, PhantomArcade accidentally revealed that Tankman would be this week's opponent during a live stream,[7] confirming that this was not the case.
  • Week 7 is the third week in the game that's named after its opponent, the first being Daddy Dearest and the second being Pico.
  • This is the first week to change the player character's appearance between songs.
  • This is the first week to have fully animated and voice-acted cutscenes in between songs, though Tankman himself is the only character with a speaking role.
  • This is the second week to have a Newgrounds mascot star as an opponent, the first being Pico.
    • Coincidentally, Pico himself makes an appearance in this week as well.
    • This is also the third week to have a guest character, the first being Spooky Month and the second being Pico.
  • This week marks Pico's third appearance in the game, the other three being his own eponymous week as an opponent, Week 5 as a background character, and WeekEnd 1 as a player character. In this week, Pico takes the place of Girlfriend on her speakers during the track Stress, shooting at Tankmen.
    • This also marks the first time a character other than Girlfriend is on the speakers, the second being Nene's appearance in WeekEnd 1.
  • This week reveals that Girlfriend has a demonic internal appearance, as seen briefly during the cutscene for Stress as well as whenever Boyfriend receives a Game Over during that song, where it's shown that Girlfriend has horns and sharp teeth.
  • One of Tankman's Game Over lines is similar to a line from the first TANKMEN episode, that one being, "You know, sometimes you just make me wanna cry."
  • Some of Tankman's Game Over lines break the fourth wall, and some seem to be directed at the player themself.
    • "Maybe you should go play Week 1 again." [laughs]
    • "You gotta press the arrows, kid. Not slap your keyboard like your blind uncle, what?"
    • "I hope you're not some internet streamer screaming like a sociopath right now!"
    • "Hey, here's some Friday Night Funkin' lore for ya! I don't like you!"
    • "My dead grandmother has more nimble fingers! C'mon!"
  • The trailer theme for the game's Kickstarter campaign, Klaskii Romper, can be heard during the cutscene for Stress.
  • This is the third week where something is moving along in the background. The first were the subway trains during Week 3, the second were the passing cars in Week 4, and the fourth were the cars in WeekEnd 1.
  • Tankman has some voice lines that were left unused, as shown in a Tweet[8] as well as a Newgrounds submission[9] made by PhantomArcade. Some of them are as follows:
    Tankman Unused Game Over Phrases
    "Heh, you're ugly."
    "I should just SQUEEZE your nuts off, but let's rock!" [laughs]
    "I should just blow your nuts off, but it's been a boring day so... let's see what you got! Let's see what you got!"
    "Huh, pretty tight bars for a little dude who's simping over a butterface. Yeah, I said it! Heh heh, yeah I said it!" [laughs]
    "You keep beeping and booping me and I'm gonna beep beep a garbage truck into your girlfriend's face! Make her more... attractive. [laughs] I'm gonna make her prettier that way, eugh."
    "You keep me riling me up and I might piss in your mouth! Mmmmmm."
    "Keep riling me up and I'm gonna make donuts out of both of you! Yeah, use your imaginations!"
    "Oh, you want something easier? Why don't you go take a nap in your crib." [laughs]
    "I'm not mad, I'm just disappointed. I'm mad too, I lied."
    "Get used to losing son!"
    "Hey, here's some Friday Night Funkin' lore for ya, you suck." [laughs]
    "Goddammit, well, maybe when we blast your girl into applesauce you can do that emo thing, y'know, 'I love sad songs!'"
    "Men, get ready to fire!"
    "Just give up, like everything else in your life. Yeah, I said it." [laughs]
    "People are drawing me making out with Steve you're goddamn right I'm angry!"
    "I didn't know you could reenact an abortion with your keyboard!" [laughs]
    "Hey tough guy, nice pubes." [laughs]
    "UGH! I'm outta here, I'm done. Game over. Ugh."
    "Beat it."
  • According to a Tweet made by JohnnyUtah, he came up with almost every one of Tankman's Game Over quotes.[10]
  • JohnnyUtah stated in a Tweet that Week 7 is "not really" canon to the TANKMEN series.[11]
    • In another related Tweet, he said to consider them alternate timelines.[12]
  • On the 3rd of May, 2022, Week 7's assets were released by PhantomArcade.[13]
    • Two frames in the official asset dump for the week show Pico kicking Girlfriend off the speakers before killing the two Tankmen. As these frames are not in the current build of the game and Girlfriend instead simply teleports into Boyfriend's arms, it means that the cutscene for Stress is currently unfinished.
  • The WeekEnd 1 update changed the name of the week to "Tankman ft. JohnnyUtah" due to JohnnyUtah voicing the titular Tankman and creating the animated series. Previously, the level name was just "Tankman."
    • This makes Week 7 the only week to have its name be altered in an update.



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