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Not to be confused with Friday Night Funkin' - The Official Soundtrack Vol. 1, the newer release.

Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 1 (Original Release) (originally released as Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 1), also known as Friday Night Funkin', Vol. 1 (Original Game Soundtrack), is the first official album of the Friday Night Funkin' soundtrack. It was released by Kawai Sprite on Bandcamp on the 25th of December, 2020.[1]



"We gettin' freaky on a friday night yeah!"

This is the original soundtrack to Friday Night Funkin'!
You're the Boyfriend and you and you're
[sic] girlfriend are trying to get 'freaky'. But here [sic] evil Dad keeps cock blocking you! The only way you can have the girl is if you beat him in a singing battle! But look out! There's other opponents waiting after the Evil Dad. How long can you last? You think you've got what it takes?! WELL DO YOU??!!

Special Thanks: Maeve<3, Tom Fulp, ninjamuffin99, Wandaboy, Eli, TheHlegend, Anthony Rodriguez, Firehouse Subs, evilbrute, Phantom Arcade, and all my discord friends <3 <3 <3.

Music for the OFFICIAL game "Friday Night Funkin'"by The Funkin' Crew
©2020 The Funkin' Crew


The album contains all the tracks from Weeks 1–4 and the Tutorial, their instrumentals, several menu themes and a remix. Two additional tracks along with their instrumentals that were not used at that time were added as well, those being the Week 5 songs Cocoa and Eggnog.

Track List

Track Number Title Length
1 Gettin' Freaky 2:40
2 Tutorial 1:07
3 Bopeebo 1:21
4 Fresh 1:22
5 Dad Battle 1:26
6 Spookeez 1:39
7 South 1:28
8 Pico 1:25
9 Philly Nice 1:41
10 Blammed 1:48
11 Satin Panties 1:36
12 High 1:45
13 M.I.L.F 2:04
14 Cocoa 1:55
15 Eggnog 1:34
16 Game Over (Don't Stop) 1:24
17 Breakfast 1:51
18 Fresh (Boyfriend Remix) 1:23
19 Tutorial (Instrumental) 1:07
20 Bopeebo (Instrumental) 1:21
21 Fresh (Instrumental) 1:22
22 Dad Battle (Instrumental) 1:26
23 Spookeez (Instrumental) 1:39
24 South (Instrumental) 1:28
25 Pico (Instrumental) 1:25
26 Philly Nice (Instrumental) 1:41
27 Blammed (Instrumental) 1:47
28 Satin Panties (Instrumental) 1:36
29 High (Instrumental) 1:45
30 M.I.L.F (Instrumental) 2:04
31 Cocoa (Instrumental) 1:55
32 Eggnog (Instrumental) 1:34


  • The soundtrack's artwork is modeled after a PlayStation game disc cover, with the Newgrounds logo in the corner where the game company's logo would typically be found.
  • According to Kawai Sprite, there was another remix for Fresh called "Fresh (Chill Mix)" that was cut from the OST.[2] It would later be added to the next album, Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 2.
  • At the time of the album's release, Bopeebo sounded different on the album compared to its in-game version. The version heard on the album appears to be an edit of the same song that was formerly on Kawai Sprite's main Bandcamp page, Drug Pop, with some changes to the voices, additional sounds and having its time cut down to be the same length as the one heard in-game. With the WeekEnd 1 update, the in-game version would be changed to sound more like the album version.
  • As part of the Kickstarter campaign, the updated soundtrack (which also includes the tracks from Week 6 and Week 7) is part of the rewards for having placed a specific pledge amount.


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