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Tutorial is the first track of Friday Night Funkin'. As the title implies, it helps players learn the basics of how to play. Because of this, it is uniquely placed in its own Story Mode section, titled Teaching Time, before the standard weeks. It was composed by Kawai Sprite and released on the 1st of November, 2020. It appears on Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 1 and Friday Night Funkin' - The Official Soundtrack Vol. 1.

Girlfriend takes the role of the opponent for this track to guide the player.


Left, right.

Left, right.

That's how you do it!

Up, down.

Up, down.

That's how you do it!

Left, up, down, right.

Down down, up.

Down down, right.

Down up right up, right.


  • Tutorial plays exactly the same on both Easy and Normal difficulties. However, on Hard difficulty, there is an additional wave of notes at the very end of the song.
    • These notes are the only ones in the game not meant to sync with the music and are instead there to throw the player off, especially their first time.
  • Tutorial is one of the few tracks that have English lyrics, the others being Fresh, Spookeez, Monster, Winter Horrorland, Ugh and Stress.
  • Originally, the noises Boyfriend makes could still be heard even when missing a note. This was due to the music and vocals not being separate, which was changed in the WeekEnd 1 update, giving each character their own vocal track.
    • Prior to the Week 7 update, Tutorial was the only song in the game to have full vocals in its preview in the Freeplay menu.
  • Before version 0.2.1, Tutorial was part of Week 1's track lineup. Until it was separated, this made it the week with the most songs in the game with 4.
    • This also technically made it the first week in the game where more than one opponent is fought.
  • As of the Week 7 update, Girlfriend now performs her cheering pose whenever "That's how you do it!" is uttered. In addition, Boyfriend will now strike his V-sign pose in this song at that line as well.
  • Tutorial is the only song to not be re-charted for the Week 7 update.
  • In a rough demo version of Tutorial released by Kawai Sprite, the beginning of the song has an introduction:
    "This is, like, the intro where she talks and shit. Hi everyone, it's me, your uh, girlfriend. Like, come on, if you wanna date me, you're gonna have to beat my dad in a singing battle. So, you're gonna have to fucking figure out how to play the game, right? Alright, so, um, I dunno, some shit like this? Then she says some shit like this."
    • The song plays as normal until the vocals stop after Girlfriend says, "Down down, right."
  • Tutorial used to be the only section in Story Mode without a level title. As of the WeekEnd 1 update, its section is now titled "Teaching Time".
  • Tutorial has an ERECT remix that will be released in the future.[1]
    • It was one of the first ERECT remixes made by Kawai Sprite.


Unused Cutscene Dialogue

Girlfriend: Hey you're pretty cute.

Use the arrow keys to keep up with me singing.



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