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High is the second track of Week 4 and the 12th track of Friday Night Funkin' overall. It was composed by Kawai Sprite and released on the 27th of December, 2020, and its ERECT remix was composed by Kohta Takahashi[1] and Kawai Sprite. It appears on Friday Night Funkin' OST, Vol. 1 and Friday Night Funkin' - The Official Soundtrack Vol. 1.

The opponent for this track is Mommy Mearest.


  • High was the only track from Week 4 that wasn't revealed ahead of time for its update.
  • A now-deleted Tweet made by Kawai Sprite shared a short snippet of what would eventually be this song.[2][3] This Tweet also seemed to show an early vocal test using two voices that do not sound like any of the characters in the game.
  • Originally, between 1:32 and 1:36 in the song, the notes were attributed to the incorrect characters. Boyfriend's notes lined up with Mommy Mearest's vocals and vice versa, making it appear as though they were singing each other's part instead of their own. This spanned all 3 difficulty levels. This oversight was fixed in the Week 7 update.
    • A similar situation also occurred during the next track, M.I.L.F, which was also fixed in the same update.
  • The word "high" is associated with both "uplifting" and euphoria resulting from drug usage.