Week 1: Daddy Dearest

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Were you looking for the character?

Week 1, titled Daddy Dearest, is the first level in Friday Night Funkin'.



Boyfriend faces off against Daddy Dearest, the ex-rockstar father of Girlfriend.


Week 1 takes place on "The Stage". This location is inside of an auditorium with a bare semi-circular theater stage. The stage consists of brown wooden flooring, large red curtains with small purple frills at the top, floor stage lights, and a dark purple brick wall.

Unique Effects

After a set of notes for Boyfriend is finished, he will always strike a V-sign pose unless the player misses during the animation. This only applies to the first track, as well as Tutorial, which shares the same location.


  1. Bopeebo   Daddy Dearest Icon.png
  2. Fresh   Daddy Dearest Icon.png
  3. DadBattle   Daddy Dearest Icon.png


  • Week 1 is the first week in the game that's named after its opponent, the second being Pico, and the third being Tankman.
  • Before version 0.2.1, Tutorial was part of Week 1's track lineup. Until it was separated, this made Week 1 the longest week in the game with 4 songs.
    • Due to this, Week 1 is the only week in the game to share a background.
  • Within the game files, an image of a stage light exists that likely would have been part of this week's background but went unused for unknown reasons.
  • Tankman mentions this week in one of his Game Over phrases.
  • The unused song Test takes place in the same location as Week 1.