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Options is a menu screen with settings that players can change to modify the gameplay experience of Friday Night Funkin'. They were added with the release of Week 7, but were present yet unused in the game's files up until that point.


  • Naughtyness - When turned off, it censors the swears for the voice lines in Week 7. It will also replace the blood in Stress with blue sparks. Senpai's vulgar line during Roses is also replaced with something less explicit.
    • This setting does not alter other aspects of the game such as the "SHIT" rating or the Game Over screens.
    • As of version 0.3.3, this setting does not yet affect Week 7.
  • Downscroll - When turned on, the arrow markers are placed at the bottom of the screen and notes scroll down from the top. The health bar and the score counter underneath of it are now placed at the top of the screen.
  • Flashing Lights - When turned off, the flashing text in the main menus will be gone.
  • Camera Zooming on Beat - When turned off, the camera will not move closer to the characters when a beat is heard.
  • Debug Display - Toggles the RAM counter visible in the top left corner of the screen, below the FPS counter. This setting does not work in web browser versions of the game.
  • Auto Pause - When turned on, leaving the window will automatically pause the game until the player clicks back into it.


This menu lets players choose which buttons and keys correspond with which actions in-game. There are two sections: one for the main game and one for the menus. Players are able to choose secondary options for every control setting too, allowing two buttons to be used for the same action. Players can also change their reset button, pause button, screenshot button, volume buttons, and buttons for the debug menus.

Input Offsets

This menu allows one to change the visual and input offsets to compensate for audio or input delay. The player must continuously press the down arrow to the beat to check what offset is needed. This menu crashes in web browser versions of the game if the player has not loaded a song before accessing it.