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Test is an unused song. Its instrumental was composed by Kawai Sprite, and its vocals were done by MtH.[1] It's unknown if it will ever be used or officially included on the Friday Night Funkin' soundtrack.

The opponent for this track is Boyfriend as he appears in Week 6.


  • Test is the only song in Friday Night Funkin' where the same character legitimately appears more than once without the usage of the chart editor; in this case, Boyfriend. Two different versions of Boyfriend appear in this song; on the left is Boyfriend as he appears in Week 6, and on the right is Boyfriend as he appears throughout most of the game.
  • Test was added to the game files in the Week 5 update.
    • Before the Week 7 update, the song's voice file used to be completely silent, lacking any vocals for the player character or the possible opponent. After the update, the song received a vocal track as well as a chart, which were done by MtH, the current head manager of the SiIvaGunner channel.[1]
  • The Week 6 version of Boyfriend's left and right singing animations are inverted. This is due to there being no code to swap them when he's set as the opponent.
    • The same would apply to regular Boyfriend if he was selected as the opponent.
  • Test's vocals were made in FL Studio.[2]



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