Week 3: Pico

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Were you looking for the character or the song?

Week 3, titled Pico, is the third level in Friday Night Funkin'. It was released on the 11th of December, 2020.



Boyfriend faces off against Pico, the schizophrenic school savior.


Week 3 takes place on the "Newgrounds Office Roof." This location is set at night on the rooftop of a building. Behind it is a subway railway with two red train station pillars that suspend overhead electric lines. Behind the railway are the outlines of various city buildings with windows that frequently change color.

Unique Effects

Subway trains occasionally zoom by from right to left. Whenever this happens, Girlfriend's hair will be blown to the side, causing her to temporarily stop bopping her head to the tempo. She will resume once the subway cars finish passing by. This applies to all tracks.


  1. Pico  Pico Icon.png
  2. Philly Nice  Pico Icon.png
  3. Blammed  Pico Icon.png


  • Week 3 is the second week in the game that's named after its opponent, the first being Daddy Dearest and the third being Tankman.
  • During a live stream, PhantomArcade revealed that Week 3's location is actually set on the rooftop of the Newgrounds office.[1] Similarly to its real-world counterpart, there is a railway for the subway behind the building that can be seen from the roof. However, the railway is not elevated to the same level as the roof, unlike how it is presented in-game.
    • The background buildings seen in-game are also things that aren't seen from the real office building. They were added as inspiration from Alien Hominid, a game originally created in Flash for Newgrounds by Tom Fulp and Dan Paladin, and the Pico's Unloaded animation by MindChamber, which both featured similar city buildings in the backgrounds.
    • The folder in the game's files containing the assets for Week 3's background is labeled "philly," a colloquial name for Philadelphia, the largest city in the state of Pennsylvania. This detail was likely intentional given Newgrounds' history with Philadelphia, which suggested that Pico's levels take place there. However, with the reveal that the specific location for the week was the Newgrounds office building, this meant that the location is only set near Philadelphia since the real-world building is located in Glenside, which rests around northwest on the outskirts of the city.
  • According to PhantomArcade, Week 3 actually takes place before Week 2. This is due to the fact that Week 2 takes place after Week 4 chronologically.
  • On the 7th of January, 2021, Kawai Sprite uploaded a mashup of Week 3's songs and Travis Scott's song "SICKO MODE" to YouTube and SoundCloud, titled "PICO MODE."[2][3]
  • Week 3's development from start to finish was done in under a week.[4]
  • In an image posted to PhantomArcade's Twitter 3 days before Week 3's release, a concept image of how the week's art would look in-game is shown, featuring a light pink hatch in the foreground next to Pico.[5] This hatch does not appear in the final release. The concept image also lacks details of cracks on the roof, which are present in the final version.



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